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Who am I: I was born in Bethsaida. I have a brother named James. I was one of the first disciples of Jesus and one of the most prominent.
John the Apostle.

Mark 1:19

Worldwide News August 15, 1977 HeadlinesWorldwide News August 15, 1977 Headlines
Worldwide News Staff   

Mr. Armstrong returns from latest around-the-world trip - Newsstand network takes to air - SEP campers head back home - AC to resume classes Aug. 22 - Asian security demands U.S. leadership - Couple, 17 kids till organic acres - Jerusalem: hard place to leave - Local church news wrap-up - 1,000 booklet request could start something - SEP Alaska: wilderness camp - Local church news wrap-up - Members, youths receive recognition - 'WN' thanks volunteer help.

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Publication Date: August 15, 1977