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What was Israel's major complaint against Solomon?
He taxed them too heavily.

I Kings 12:4

Mr. Armstrong Speaks at Tulsa - DOES FIVE TV PROGRAMSMr. Armstrong Speaks at Tulsa - DOES FIVE TV PROGRAMS
Worldwide News Staff   

TULSA, Okla. - Sabbath, July 14, 1979 Herbert W. Armstrong flew to Tulsa to deliver the Sabbath sermon. He cleared up a few points in regard to the Jan. 3 assault of the State of California against the Worldwide Church of God. He said it is time we in God's Church get straight in our minds WHO IS LORD - CAESAR OR CHRIST? The GOVERNMENT OF GOD once ruled this entire earth, he said. God had set a super archangel on the throne over the entire earth. This was the cherub, LUCIFER, one of two or three of the most powerful and mighty superangels God could, or ever did create. Isaiah 14:12-14 was quoted, showing Lucifer's throne was beneath the clouds on the earth, and that he rebelled and attempted to ascend and swoop down on God's throne in heaven, to take over, "even as the State of California swooped down Jan. 3 on God's present earthly headquarters to try to take over.

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Publication Date: July 30, 1979