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How many are sealed from each tribe of Israel before the Great Tribulation?
Twelve thousand.

Revelation 7:5-8

Just one more thing: Have you heard the one about...?Just one more thing: Have you heard the one about...?

"Listen! Have you heard the one about...?" Strange how those few words will perk up our ears. Or, "Say, have you heard what old "so-and-so is up to now?" Seventy percent of our working hours is spent in communication. 45 percent of that time in listening. That's a good portion of the time we spend in human relationship. But how comprehensively do we listen to what others have to say? One of our ministers once opened a sermon, "All this has been said before, but as nobody listened, it must be said once again." In the last Worldwide News, Mr. Armstrong mentioned wondering if some people only hear the sound of voice, but not the words, during a sermon.

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Publication Date: November 12, 1979