Just one more thing: Good old work and service ethicJust one more thing: Good old work and service ethic

In a recent telephone conversation Mr. [Herbert W.] Armstrong asked me a direct and thought-provoking question. He said, "Dexter, what ever happened to our good old work and service ethic?" After our conversation I thought long and hard about the question. I reflected on the example that Mr. Armstrong has set for us over the years of long hours of dedicated labor and service to get the Gospel OUT to the world. I recalled that we are about to wrap up a decade. The only way to describe the 1970s is as a decade of self. The media report that the quest for individual rights has become the trademark of the decade. Everyone is seeking self-improvement and self-help, along with emotional training and experiences through evangelical religion and/or cults.

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Publication Date: December 24, 1979