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Advisory Council Of Elders FormedAdvisory Council Of Elders Formed

   In the organizational pattern of God's Church an ADVISORY COUNCIL OF ELDERS has been formed. It is not a legal board of directors.
   Actually the Worldwide Church of God is a spiritual organism, created by GOD not a legal corporate organization created by this world's laws.
   But, in order to function IN the world in an organizational manner, the Church of God has needed to be incorporated according to state laws. The members of the Church are NOT members of the "Worldwide Church of God, Inc.," a California corporation, nor of "Herbert W. Armstrong, a corporation sole," under which our financial operations currently are functioning (since the massive lawsuit by the state of California).
   The California corporation "Worldwide Church of God Inc.," does require a board of directors. The corporation sole does not.
   But, regardless, the GOVERNMENT in God's Church a spiritual organism, is government from the top down. God is Head over all even over Christ. Christ is Head of the Church. He directs and operates the Church through His chosen apostle. In such office I have to appoint managers or directors of various operations under me.
   God says through Solomon that in multitude of counselors there is safety. We are told not to put our trust in a man, but there is safety in a number of counselors. I have always followed that admonition. Beside prayer and looking to God through Christ for guidance, I have always counseled with those I consider best qualified to advise in the subject at hand.
   This ADVISORY COUNCIL OF ELDERS, therefore, is a safety valve, in addition to relying on guidance from God.
   For this Council I have chosen from among our older, tried and proven loyal ministers men whose fruits show the guidance and leadership of the Holy Spirit, men of spiritual wisdom and balance. In order that we may meet frequently, or on quick notice when necessary, I have chosen men located in or near Pasadena. They are not the only ones qualified. I may add others later as conditions require.
   The Council of Elders, as of now, consists of Dibar Apartian, Dean Blackwell, Robert Fahey, Ellis LaRavia, Raymond McNair, Leroy Neff, Joseph Tkach, Leon Walker and, as adviser to the Council, Ralph Helge.

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The Worldwide NewsMarch 16, 1981Vol IX No. 5
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