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Who said to Jesus on the cross, "Remember me when you come to your kingdom?"
One of the thieves crucified with him.

Luke 23:42

Just one more thing: Employ fundamentals to profit from recessionJust one more thing: Employ fundamentals to profit from recession

If you've already paged through this issue, you might be wondering why our layout editor decided to be inventive and begin the "Local Church News" section on page four instead of toward the back of the paper. Actually, we felt it necessary to include several articles on how to deal with today's economic recession. We receive report after report, either verbally or in writing, about how our members worldwide have to bear the fury of the current economic malaise. We have included, therefore, four pages of articles we hope will prove helpful. We placed them in the center of the issue so that you can remove them for future reference. Don't neglect the obvious. When I talk with ministers living in Pasadena or in for the Ministerial Refreshing Program, they tell me they find an unfortunate trend among some members who have lost jobs or are facing other economic problems.

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Publication Date: July 05, 1982