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The Passover lamb was killed and eaten with what kind of bread?
Unleavened Bread.

Luke 22:7

Just one more thing: Singles tackle problems easier with Christ's helpJust one more thing: Singles tackle problems easier with Christ's help

From time to time we receive requests from single members of God's Church to run more articles directly related to them. If you've already paged through this issue you'll notice we've done just that. These articles, however, are not just for singles. Many of the principles can be applied in all of our Christian lives, whether single or married. July 20 the Worldwide News staff and some from other departments in the Work gathered in the Editorial Services conference room to discuss what articles should be written. Assignments were made and evangelists Joseph Tkach and Dean Blackwell, Richard Rice, director of the Mail Processing Center, and Robin Webber, a minister in the Pasadena Auditorium P.M. congregation, were interviewed. Their input forms the basis of the articles on singles.

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