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Name the Philistine warrior who was so large everyone feared him.

I Samuel 17:9-10

Just one more thing: Prayer, persistence keys to solve marital problemsJust one more thing: Prayer, persistence keys to solve marital problems

One of my staff members came into my office today aglow with enthusiasm. He was excited to tell me the latest development in his soon-coming marriage. He reminded me of a glass of champagne filled to the brim and bubbling over. His excitement and enthusiasm brought back fond memories of my courtship of my wife. He and his fiancée seem to be walking, lightly above the ground. This young man and his young lady are trying to do everything right. They have spent considerable time counseling together with their minister and going over the marriage vows word for word with each other. They're getting good counsel. they're making decisions together, they're applying biblical principles, building a good foundation toward a happy marriage.

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Publication Date: December 13, 1982