Just one more thing: Children and the SabbathJust one more thing: Children and the Sabbath

Every parent has problems controlling his or her children occasionally, even in Sabbath services. One member quite seriously told her minister, "I know I'll miss the next two years of services now that I have a new baby." Is this the fate of parents with young children? Are new mothers and fathers doomed to embarrassment and, worse still, missing services for months because of untrained children? The good news is that children can be trained to behave well during services. I want to share with you this time valuable principles one of our ministers, Alan Redmond of the Calgary, Alta., church, sent to me to aid members in training their children for Sabbath services. By the way, these principles can help you have happier, better-mannered children every other day of the week as well.

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Publication Date: February 07, 1983