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Where was the church located to whom John said they had left their first love?

Revelation 2:1

Just one more thing: Overcoming anxiety, fearJust one more thing: Overcoming anxiety, fear

My family and I were flying up the east coast of Australia from Port Macquarie to Coolangatta in a Cessna Titan. All 12 seats were filled. Even the copilot's seat was occupied by a tall male Australian aborigine. We were flying in a blinding thunderstorm. Our seat belts were fastened but not pulled tightly as the plane forged on through the storm. Then it happened - the plane hit a series of air pockets. We dropped several feet! We all were up off our seats by at least 6 inches. Immediately we pulled our seat belts tighter. My knuckles turned pale as I squeezed the seat in front of me holding on for dear life. Looking over at my wife, I saw that she had turned an unusual shade of off-white. I realized at that point my stomach had found a new place to rest in my body - right next to my throat.

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Publication Date: February 21, 1983