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Who am I: I went to Egypt to obtain food for my family. On the way home a silver cup was found in my sack.

Genesis 44:12

Just one more thing: The fate of chronic cynicsJust one more thing: The fate of chronic cynics

"Cynic? Who, me?" Isn't that our typical response? It isn't that we don't recognize it in others; but do we as Christians see it in ourselves? Are you a "Christian" cynic? The dictionary describes a cynic as a critical person who is pessimistic about almost everything. A cynic doesn't trust anything or anybody, and takes delight in poking fun at what others consider sacred or important. Some people, including many journalists, law enforcement officers and teachers, pride themselves on being hard-nosed, pragmatic cynics: Nobody can pull the wool over their eyes. They've seen human nature at its rawest. They've been corned by the best. They know human beings are selfish and that human conduct is wholly motivated by self-interest.

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Publication Date: March 07, 1983