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Who am I: I drowned hundreds of horses and men. Israel passed through me without getting their feet wet. I am a body of water.
Red Sea

Exodus 14

Just one more thing: Dust, guns, roadblocksJust one more thing: Dust, guns, roadblocks

A few weeks ago I received a dramatic and gripping report from one of our ministers after an assignment in a Third World country. The account describes a trip made to visit members and conduct Sabbath services in a remote area. Names of all concerned have been omitted as well as identification of geographical sites to protect the ministers and their wives and families and members in the country. The report follows: The first thing I noticed was the dust. Dust. Fine dust. It was tossed into the air by the vehicles bouncing along the road in front of us. The tiny grains of desert irritation were too light to settle to the ground. And so they floated in a cloud above the sun-scorched landscape.

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Publication Date: April 05, 1983