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What kind of horses pulled the chariot of fire that separated Elijah and Elisha?
Horses of fire.

II Kings 2:11

Just one more thing: Turn events into ideasJust one more thing: Turn events into ideas

A friend asked me where and how I come up with my ideas for this column issue after issue. "It's easy," I said. "First of all, I read a lot," "Read a lot? How do you find time to read?" he asked. "With all the Work's publications, personal Bible study and prayer, I can hardly find time to even look at a newsmagazine." I had to agree with him, but that's a topic for another column. I reminded him that reading is an important part of my job. I read all of the articles submitted to The Plain Truth, The Good News, Youth 83 and The Worldwide News before they are printed in the Work's publications. I am constantly on the lookout for ideas that will make strong, helpful and encouraging pieces in the publications.

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Publication Date: May 02, 1983