Just one more thing: Faith in honest doubtJust one more thing: Faith in honest doubt

"I just don't believe it." "That's a likely story!" Have you ever secretly said to yourself or to God in prayer, "God... I have some doubts"? Most of us are plagued with secret doubts at times. Calamities jar our courage. Past failures shake our confidence in our abilities to undertake new ventures. Failure to look beyond our natural abilities and resources breeds doubt. After years in a given career some entertain second thoughts as to whether it is the right career for them. They fear they are never going to amount to much in their given field of endeavor. John the Baptist had a moment like this. He spent his entire ministry preparing people for the coming of Christ. But when Herod imprisoned him, John entertained second thoughts about his life's work. Remember he was human.

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Publication Date: June 13, 1983