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What did God place at the entry to the Eden to prevent Adam and Eve from entering?
Cherubims and a flaming sword.

Genesis 3:24

Just one more thing: How's your credibility?Just one more thing: How's your credibility?

Gen. Douglas MacArthur left Corregidor on a dark and desperate day, March 11, 1942. The Pacific theater of war was a threatening and bleak arena. One island after another was buffeted into complete submission. The enemy marched into the Philippines as confident and precise as a band marching down Colorado Boulevard in the Rose Parade. Surrender was inevitable. The brilliant and bold soldier, Gen. MacArthur, had only three words for his comrades as he stepped into the escape boat destined for Australia: "I shall return." Upon arriving in the port of Adelaide nine days later, the 62-year-old military statesman closed his remarks with these words, "I came through and I shall return." Gen. MacArthur kept his word, His word was as good as his bond. Regardless of the odds against him, including the strong pressures and power of enemy strategy, he was bound and determined to make his promise good. An inspiring example to recall.

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Publication Date: July 11, 1983