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Who said he could destroy the temple and in three days build it up?
Jesus Christ

John 2:19

Just one more thing: Can you express thanks?Just one more thing: Can you express thanks?

Not long ago at a department store I held open the door at a department store for a woman with a child in one arm and a box in the other. She hurried right through the doorway, saying not a word. My first thought was, At least you could have said, thank you! Maybe I was brought up too many years ago. Saying thank you was built in to my vocabulary by my parents. Now it seems to be out-of-date to many people. Human beings seem to take others for granted. We expect other people to do good things for us. Somehow society has developed the disposition that others owe us something. That others ought to automatically serve us. We see it everywhere, on the job, in school, at stores and even in the Church.

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Publication Date: February 27, 1984