Shirley King Johnson   

It has been said all men would be cowards if they dared, and that might include dogs, too. Major decided to let the Sterners find out about the bull in their own way. Wheeling, he shot out of the driveway and raced along the road. Glancing back now and then, he was relieved to see that the bull had not pursued him down the hill. When he arrived in Grandfather's driveway he saw Prince trotting up from the corner with the boys. Grandfather's truck rattled up the lane along the rows of corn, came through the open gate, pulled into the driveway and braked to a stop. The motor quit and Grandfather and Susie got out. She helped Grandfather close the gate. "Susie, would you like to ride Prince?" Harry called out. Holding the reins in one hand, he walked Prince over. "Whoa, boy." Gentle Prince stopped, lowered his head and blew air through his nostrils and mouth.

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Publication Date: August 13, 1984