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Who in the Bible attempted to control the hereditary traits of animals?

Genesis 30:37

Just one more thing: The wrong directionJust one more thing: The wrong direction

A few years ago I was in my front yard with my lawn mower tipped on its side. I was trying to get the blade off so I could replace it. I remember its brand name was Maverick because a friend told me, "It figures your having that model, it fits your personality." Anyway, I had my biggest wrench attached to the nut, but couldn't budge it. I got a 2-foot length of pipe and slipped it over the wrench handle to give me leverage, and was leaning on that - still unsuccessfully. Next I took a large hammer and was banging on the pipe. By this time I was beginning to get somewhat emotionally involved with my lawn mower. My neighbor walked over about then and said that he had a lawn mower like mine once and that, if he remembered correctly, the threads on the bolt went the other way. I reversed my exertions and, sure enough, the nut turned easily.

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Publication Date: December 24, 1984