Children's Corner: Grandpa wears a crownChildren's Corner: Grandpa wears a crown
Vivian Pettijohn   

"Oh, no!" Jeff objected, frowning as he and his family left the dining table following Sunday brunch. "Why does Grandpa Winfield have to come here to visit? He's old!" "Yeah, and he isn't much fun!" Rocky agreed. "Remember how he always looked sad when we went to see him - back in Tennessee before we moved away?" "Now, wait a minute, boys," their father said as they got seated on the living room couch." You have a wrong impression of my father. He looked sad because Grandmother was sick for so long - and then died. He is very lonely now and needs us! And we need him!" "Why do we need him?" Jeff asked. "I can answer that," Mrs. Winfield said as she and Kathy joined them in nearby chairs.

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Publication Date: January 7, 1985