Just one more thing: Slow down!Just one more thing: Slow down!

Run, run, run! Appointments, activities, assignments - run, run, run! Demands, decisions, deadlines - run, run, run! Schedules, services, Bible studies, seminars - run, run, run! Plans, programs, meetings, people - sound familiar? Stop, halt, cease, pause a moment! Step aside a minute and sit down with me. Let's let our motors idle down and think for a change. Think about our pace - our busyness. Is this God's way of doing things? How did we get trapped in this revolving squirrel cage? What is it down inside our boiler rooms that keeps pouring the coal on the fire? Caught your breath yet? Take a glance back over your shoulder, let's say three or four months. Can you list any significant accomplishments? Any problems overcome? How about feelings of fulfillment - very many? Probably not, if we are honest.

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Publication Date: January 7, 1985