Shirley King Johnson   

Oh, the joy of running loose on the farm! Major thrust his nose deep into grass beside Grandfather's windmill. All the sweet smells of little creatures filled his nostrils - rabbits, squirrels and chipmunks. Suddenly one scent was fresh. Yelping his delight. Major followed the scent back and forth. Up to the garden fence he galloped and back again to the windmill. But there he was distracted by another scent - the strong scent of Grandfather. Major paused, perplexed. Grandfather's billfold lay on a board at the edge of the pump platform. Seizing the billfold in his teeth, the beagle trotted over to the cave. Tucked half under the caves was a cardboard box filled with straw. It was here that he took his naps on chilly afternoons. Dropping the billfold in one corner of the box, he nuzzled straw over it and packed it down with both front paws.

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Publication Date: January 21, 1985