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How many stones were used to build a memorial to the Jordan River crossing?
12 (one for each tribe of Israel).

Joshua 4:5-6

Yes, Sir!Yes, Sir!
Vivian Pettijohn   

"Leon," Grandpa instructed, "just put my suitcase here on your sofa bed. I'll unpack later, son." "Yes, sir!" Leon answered cheerfully as he swung the large, black bag onto the brown plaid sofa in the family room next to the basement garage. "Rocky," his father said, "take Grandpa's overcoat and hang it in his closet." "Yes, sir, Dad." replied Rocky, as he held the coat up high. He stretched tall and placed it on a wooden hanger. Kathy leaned against the doorway, looking puzzled. "Daddy," she asked, "do you still have to obey Grandpa? I thought that when you're all grown up you don't have to obey anyone anymore!" "Yeah, Daddy," Jeff joined in, "that's what I thought, too!"...

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Publication Date: February 4, 1985