Just one more thing: A return to basicsJust one more thing: A return to basics

A longtime friend came to me with a problem: For years he had visualized himself a success, but now his dreams seemed far from fulfilled. As he put it: "I'm 45. I thought I would have it made by now, but what happened?" He had passed his prime without the achievement he wanted. Looking back, he realizes that he will never be the person he visualized in his youth. As he explained, "It's like patiently following a rainbow, only to discover that there is no pot of gold at the end!" He has had to accept his limitations and realistically reevaluate his gifts and talents. He was not complaining. He's been able to attend college, teach students, speak from time to time and do some writing. But his day-dreams of being a smashing success in everything were unrealistic. Most of them will not come to be....

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Publication Date: February 18, 1985