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To whom was it said, "What is to be done for the man whom the King desires to honor?"

Esther 6:6

To maintain first love - Steer clear of familiarity pitfallTo maintain first love - Steer clear of familiarity pitfall
Ralph D Levy   

Do you remember the first time you walked into services of the Church of God? If your experience was like mine, it was a memorable moment of excitement and anxiety, mixed with a certain feeling of insecurity. How would God's own Church seem? What would the people be like? What about the services?" As the years go by, that initial excitement may begin to wane. The spiritual aspect of life may cease to occupy center stage in our lives, as it should, and we may end up saying, "I've been in the Church many years and I've heard it all." When the first love cools, an attitude of familiarity with God's truth can begin to take its toll...

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Publication Date: March 18, 1985