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Whose execution did Herod order after Peter's escape from prison?
Soldier guards.

Acts 12:19

Children's Corner: The Best GiftChildren's Corner: The Best Gift
Vivian Pettijohn   

Rocky handed to Grandpa a folded blue sweater and exclaimed: "It sure has been great having a grandfather around here! I wish you didn't have to go home.", "Why, thanks, Arthur - I mean, Rocky," Grandpa Winfield said. He looked up from packing his suit case. "I keep forgetting that my namesake is called by a nickname." "But, Grandpa," Rocky explained, "I'm called 'Rocky' because 'Arthur' means 'strong as a rock.' And I try to live up to my name by being strong. Isn't that OK?" "Of course it is, my boy," the older Arthur assured him. "And I've always been proud to have a grandson named for me. But, speaking of names: did you know that passing on a family name can be a big responsibility for us menfolk?" "No, Grandpa," Rocky answered....

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Publication Date: April 1, 1985