Just one more thing: Put leadership to workJust one more thing: Put leadership to work

Watching the evening world news is always an education to me in understanding human nature. The debate over who was running things in the Soviet Union intrigued me. Until his death, Konstantin Chcrnenko had not been seen in public for weeks, with one minor exception. As it turned out he was seriously ill. There were questions in the media whether he was in total control. Did you know that the issue of leadership is just as important in our families? The same question is critical for us to ask. "Who's in charge?" Who's setting family values and priorities? If we as parents aren't leading and instructing, someone or something else is. By neglect, values and leadership, even in many of God's people's homes, are apparently being provided less by parents diligently setting the proper pace than by peer pressure, movies, popular music and the daydream logic of television sitcoms and soap operas.

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Publication Date: April 15, 1985