Children's Corner: Lazy KathyChildren's Corner: Lazy Kathy
Vivian Pettijohn   

"Kathy!" her mother called as she stuck her head inside Kathy's room. "Time to get up, honey! I need you to help me." Kathy opened her eyes. Then, when her mother left, Kathy rolled over and pretended to go back to sleep. A few minutes later Mrs. Winfield came back, frowning when she glanced again into Kathy's room. "Come on, Kathy, get up! You're acting lazy today - a little old sluggard! I'm preparing our Sunday brunch - a picnic lunch to eat in the backyard - and I need you to do some chores." Slowly, 5-year-old Kathy swung her feet onto the floor and stood up. "What did you call me. Mommy? A slug-what?" "A sluggard," Mother answered. smiling and giving her a quick hug before pushing her toward the bathroom across the hall. "That means...

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Publication Date: April 29, 1985