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Who am I: I avenged my brother's murder. I needed a large comb to comb my hair. I used to hang around trees. I led a rebellion against my father David.

II Samuel 13-18

Just one more thing: Stick-to-itivenessJust one more thing: Stick-to-itiveness

Stick-to-itiveness is a rather unrefined word, but I have a special fondness for it nevertheless. I heard the word time and time again when I was young, mostly from my mother. I was a creature of sudden but short - lived fascinations. For a while I had, 3 passion for collecting rocks, big ones and little ones. Then one day, mysteriously, all my desire, disappeared, leaving the garage littered with hundreds of rocks. Then building model cars and airplanes struck my fancy. My closet and room were lined with dozens of half-finished models. Next baseball cards became my almost full-time occupation, as I traded and bargained with my school friends. And then, overnight, hat entire world vanished, and in its place was, you guessed it - girls....

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Publication Date: April 29, 1985