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Who am I: I am a king of Assyria. I invaded Judah but my army was destroyed by an angel of God. On my return to Nineveh I was murdered by my two sons.

II Kings 19:32-37

Pray daily for divine protectionPray daily for divine protection

It couldn't have happened at a worse time. I was returning from a Youth Opportunities United (YOU) activity in a minibus packed with teenagers. My attention was distracted by a conversation with a young male passenger from Australia, and I was tired. Suddenly I made a mistake I had been guarding against during the first week of my initial driving experience in the United Kingdom - I failed to look right before pulling out from the intersection. There was no time to do anything but look at the horrified faces of the driver and passenger in the late model sedan bearing down on us with alarming speed. The woman's face was a mask of horror as she braced for the inevitable. The driver was fighting to control the car, which was now locked in a sideways drift on the rain-slick road. And then - nothing happened. No collision. No smashing vehicles. No cries of pain. Somehow the car just got by us, and passengers in both cars were spared. We drove away unscathed, but sobered and deeply grateful for divine protection....

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Publication Date: June 10, 1985