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What did Paul three times ask God to take from him?
The thorn in the flesh.

II Corinthians 12:7-8

Compromise with God's law leads to bigger and bigger sinsCompromise with God's law leads to bigger and bigger sins
Ricky L Sherrod   

Solomon had it all. What more could he have wanted? Not only was he the richest and most honored king of all time (II Chronicles 1:12), but he was the wisest man ever, except for Jesus Christ (I Kings 3:12). As a shrewd political leader the advanced Israel's social and military institutions and created one of the most effective and efficient governments in the ancient world. This, plus his position as middleman on the lucrative caravan route between Mesopotamia and Arabia, enabled him to build a great commercial empire that brought immeasurable wealth to Israel (I Kings 10:27). His crowning achievement was, of course, construction of the Temple, which was probably the most beautiful and expensive structure of all time...

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Publication Date: June 10, 1985