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To whom did the people of Israel say, "Come make us a god who will go before us?"

Exodus 32:1

Can you know if you qualify to be in the Kingdom of God?Can you know if you qualify to be in the Kingdom of God?
Graemme J Marshall   

Are you qualifying - this minute - to enter the Kingdom of God? Can you know if what you are doing is enough? Is your Christian growth satisfactory? These questions often beg for answers in every one of our lives! Where do you stand in God's eyes? Is what you have done since learning about God's truth sufficient? How can you know? If only God would talk to you personally and say what He thinks of your progress! On two occasions God the Father did exactly this for Christ, letting Christ know that He was pleased with Christ's life (Matthew 3:17, 17:5). What immense comfort and encouragement this must have been for Jesus.

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Publication Date: June 24, 1985