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The Worldwide News
Schoolchildren face dilemma about holidays vs. Holy DaysSchoolchildren face dilemma about holidays vs. Holy Days
Jess Earnest

The children of God's people are challenged in this world's schools. This is specially true in the holiday seasons. Most people believe in observing Halloween, Christmas and Easter, and they expect their children to learn something of these days in school. It is natural for teachers to use these days as teaching vehicles since most children readily display enthusiasm for all the fun and excitement involved in them. What better way to learn to draw a circle than by making a jack-o'-lantern for Halloween, or to learn to make a triangle than by producing a witch's hat? Christmas parties seem to be enjoyable pastimes: class unity and friendships can be promoted by having children exchange valentines. In most schools, worldly holidays are a major medium for teaching art, drama and reading. Yet these holidays are abominable in God's sight. God commands us not to keep them - to keep His true Holy Days instead.

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The Worldwide NewsAugust 5, 1985Vol XIII No. 16
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