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Who was the priest in the temple where the boy Samuel served?

I Samuel 2:11

The Worldwide News
The spiritual antidote - Humility helps prevent offensesThe spiritual antidote - Humility helps prevent offenses
Jerold W Aust

"Sweetheart, I am so sorry I accused you of something you did not do. Can you find it in your heart to forgive your dad?" "Of course, Dad. I forgive you. You've probably had a hard day. Don't worry about it." What a sweet, precious, forgiving attitude my daughter showed! True, she had a habit of occasionally leaving things out on the bathroom sink. But then, maybe she was only copying a habit of my own! Yet here she was, held guilty by me, tried and convicted without a chance to defend herself. It was unfair of me. But because of her quickness to forgive, I was blessed with a lesson I won't soon forget. It is easy to be unforgiving toward one another. How often do we become upset because of real or imagined offenses? Pride has to be there, of course, for an offense to take root. If we quickly recognize what is happening to us, we can quickly humble ourselves and starve out the root of offense.

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The Worldwide NewsJanuary 13, 1986Vol XIV No. 1
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