Are you... Singled out?Are you... Singled out?
Dan C Taylor   

Have you ever seen one of those bumper stickers that reads: "Happiness is being single"? What's your reaction? Do you give an enthusiastic nod of approval, or an apathetic shrug of the shoulders? Or do you have the urge to scream. "Oh yeah, what's so happy about it?" Statistical reports from throughout the Western world indicate that the number of singles has increased dramatically in the past decade. Many of you reading this article are, like me, included in these singles statistics. Some are single by choice. Some are without mates through the anguish of divorce. Others of us have simply not found the right person. How about it? Are you happy being single? Or have you given up hope of ever finding a mate? Maybe you are actively pursuing marriage. Perhaps you're just plain "singled out" and willing to try anything to find that special someone.

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Publication Date: January 13, 1986