Jeff E Zhorne & Michael A Snyder   

PASADENA. - "God doesn't intend me to fill the shoes of Herbert W. Armstrong, but to walk in the walk that he has set for us, to follow his example," said Joseph William Tkach, 59, who succeeded Mr. Armstrong as pastor general of the Church, after Mr. Armstrong died Jan. 16. Mr. Tkach, speaking the same day in the Ambassador Auditorium at an 11:30 a.m. forum for Church employees and Ambassador College students and faculty, added: "I'm here to follow the example that he has set for every one of us. So I look to you now to give me the same kind of cooperation, the same kind of relationship and enjoyment with one another." David Hulme, Church spokesman and director of Media Purchasing, commented at a news conference that afternoon why Mr. Tkach was made pastor general. He said that Mr. Tkach, as director of Church Administration, "demonstrated the right attitude, which comes from the Spirit of God."

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Publication Date: January 27, 1986