Body must function togetherBody must function together

   Have you felt this way?
   Some brethren feel they are not a vital part of this great work because they are not being used as ministers or full-time employees. Perhaps they have no direct responsibility in their congregations.
   The result? Some let feelings of discouragement and despondency come over them.
   Why? Could it be that the adversary Satan knows discouragement and despondency are the easiest ways he has of keeping us from doing our part?
   Satan is desperately trying to get each of us to neglect the gift of God's Holy Spirit (I Timothy 4:14). If he can succeed, we will become unprofitable unqualified to enter the Kingdom of God (John 15:6)!

Satan is against God's Kingdom

   The one thing Satan hates above all else is for the Kingdom of God to be established on this earth. Naturally! Because Satan and his demons are going to be stripped of their authority when this great event occurs (Revelation 20:1-3).
   No wonder they are striving day and night to prevent our conversion into the Kingdom at Christ's return to this earth (I Peter 5:8),
   Few understand a major device used by the devil against God's people today. Satan is trying to make us feel that the power imparted to each of us through the Holy Spirit of God is not real, important and effective. Because of this satanic device, some are not stirring up the Holy Spirit of God that He has so graciously given. It is time we wake up to this danger.
   Christ gave His Church the great commission of preaching the Gospel to the whole world, a work that cannot possibly be fulfilled without the Holy Spirit.
   Consequently, Satan tries to render useless the human instruments through which the Holy Spirit is working. And herein lies the danger to each of us. We must remain yielded to God so He can keep us filled with His Holy Spirit.
   With this power, we can complete the work God has given us to do. Without it, we will utterly fail.
   Unless every member of the Body functions properly, the Body is not going to be as effective as it ought to be in executing Christ's commission.

Satan introduces fifth column

   Satan knew he could not stop the spreading of the Gospel by attacking the ministers and lay members who were filled with God's Holy Spirit those who were determined above all else to carry out the commission given to them. So he had to try another maneuver by which he would attempt to destroy God's true Church.
   Satan introduced a fifth-column movement. He stealthily worked in false brethren or turned different ones in the Church against the ministers God had placed in office over them. Satan knew that the leaders could do little if they didn't have the Church's support, just as a front line of an army, without any supply lines to back it up, can do little.
   Through this method, Satan set out to break down the very power of the Church. And he is still working in the same manner, trying to get some of us to find fault and accuse the ministers, or else get us to let down, become lethargic and not do our part in supporting this work of God. We need to recognize just whom we are following whenever we fall into these conditions.
   Some people, when they get bitter against the ones God is using to perform His work, begin to speak presumptuously about them and, yet, appear sincere to those not growing spiritually (II Peter 2:10-15).
   These individuals become disgruntled if they cannot be the "mouth" to speak God's message. They are unwilling to be the hands and feet of Christ's Body. Satan knows that if he can disconnect an individual member from the Head of this Church Jesus Christ that person will dry up spiritually (Colossians 2:19).
   This satanic maneuver renders useless another of the vitally needed members of the Body of Christ a member needed not only in this time when laborers are so few (Ephesians 4:15-16), but a future member of the Kingdom of God who could have inherited eternal life.
   We need to bring "into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ" (II Corinthians 10:5), and let Him instruct us through those He has called. We need the same Holy Spirit working through our minds that is working through the minds of those God has placed over us for our spiritual growth and perfection (Ephesians 4:11-13).
   If we zealously do the part God has called us to perform, instead of seeking to do another's job, we can say with all confidence, "Christ in me is my hope of glory!"
   Remember, we are a part of the Body of Christ now, only if we as a group do what Christ did in His earthly body!

Publication Date: December 2, 1985
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