Preparing for the Ministry
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Preparing for the Ministry
Robert G Morton  

Table of Contents:

What is leadership

Section 1
Preparation for greater responsibility
   Learn to put God first
   Getting into shape spiritually
   Learn to examine yourselves
   How to examine yourself
   How to begin overcoming
   How to prevent sin
   How God's Spirit works in us
   The importance of study and correct meditation
   How to pray effectively
   We have been called to serve

Section 2
Sermonette preparation
   The purpose of sermonettes
   How long should a sermonette be?
   Selecting a topic
   Things to avoid in selecting a topic
   Four types of subject to follow
   Organizing the sermonette
   Sermonette delivery
   The evaluation

Section 3
Preparation and organization of sermons
   The purpose of sermons
   Types of sermon to choose
   Gathering material for the sermon
   Use reference works
   Help them understand and remember
   A common teaching principle
   Final organization
   The S.P.S
   The body
   Build a forceful conclusion
   Prepare an interest-grabbing introduction
   Some points on sermon delivery

Section 4
   Why visit members?
Handling member problems
When to disfellowship
When to mark
Befriending unconverted mates
Counseling for baptism
   How much knowledge is required for baptism?
   Find out why they want to be baptized
   Help them understand the role of the minister
   Have them explain what repentance means to them personally
   Why are they sorry?
   Do they abhor themselves?
   What about fruits?
   Have they counted the cost?
   Help them to understand why they're being called now
   Let them make the final decision
   The baptism formula
Rebaptism for those previously baptized by God's ministers


by Robert G Morton
Worldwide Church of God - 1975

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Publication Date: 1975
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