Outline - How To Give a Sermonette
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Outline - How To Give a Sermonette


  • To give you practice.
  • Settle congregation at beginning of service.
  • Cover minor point, example, assigned point. [But it does not have to be of minor importance]
  • Reinforce pastor, sermon.  

Are not:

  • To show off speaking ability.
  • To move, shake, save the church in 12 minutes.
  • To cover major subject.
  • To go overtime/cut into sermon time.  

10 to 15 minutes on a small topic, or one facet of larger topic, or difficult scripture, or example healing, blessing, encouraging. Or ask pastor for subject suggestions.


  • Limit subject to what can be covered in 10-15 minutes.  


  • Difficult scripture i.e. Mt. 28:1, 6 resurrection; Mk. 7:18-19 spiritual defilement, pork; I Tim. 4: doctrine of demons, no marriage.
  • One facet of larger topic Prayer, 3 times a day: Being in spirit of prayer, heart in prayers, position, content of prayer. Sabbath what you can do, study and pray unhurriedly, time to meditate.
  • Explain examples healing, blessing, news event in light of prophecy, for encouragement.
  • Don't apologize (time, preparation, etc.)
  • Know exactly where you are headed: Limit topic. Think about response you want.
  • Be warm and friendly not real heavy.
  • Enthusiastic.
  • Grab attention quickly short time don't waste time.
  • Specific Purpose Statement (SPS) stick to it.
  • Stick to key issues of subject no time for wandering.
  • Assume nothing explain background and points clearly.
  • Get a phrase, slogan, basic idea that will stick and repeat it.
  • Round off, summarize with short, proper conclusion.  


  1. Is subject appropriate?
  2. Is it too broad?
  3. Is organization good?
  4. Is number of scriptures appropriate? (Not too many not too few?)
  5. Is it interesting?  

COMMON PROBLEMS: (From last year's evaluation)

  • "lacked punch"
  • "out of focus"
  • "practice reading scriptures ahead of time"
  • "choose more specific topic"
  • "needed more stir"
  • "introduced too many ideas"

Publication Date: 1985
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