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The Symbols of the Bible
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The Symbols of the Bible
Ambassador College Production   
Church of God

Ambassador College (1947-1997) was a four-year, liberal arts college run by the Worldwide Church of God. The college was established in 1947 in Pasadena, California by Herbert W. Armstrong, what was then the Radio Church of God, later renamed the Worldwide Church of God. In 1960 a second campus was opened at Bricket Wood, Hertfordshire, England, and in 1964 a third campus was opened in Big Sandy, Texas, Ambassador operated for 50 years.

The Symbols of the Bible - Original PDF

Hair — Subjection (I Corinthians 11:10)
Mountains — Kingdoms or Governments (Micah 4)
Hill — Small Nation (Micah 4:1)
Water — People (Revelation 17:14)
Waters — Multitudes (Revelation 17:14)
Beast — Kings or Kingdoms (Daniel 7)
Serpent [Dragon] — Satan or Devil (Revelation 20:2)
Lamb — Christ (John. 1:36)
Little Horn — Papacy (Daniel 7)
Horns — Kingdoms (Daniel 7)
Woman — Church
Oil — Holy Spirit
Lion — Babylon (Daniel 7)
Bear — Persia (Daniel 7)
Leopard — Greece (Daniel 7)
3 Ribs — (Daniel 7)

  • Babylon
  • Egypt
  • Lydia
Stone — Christ's Kingdom
Pale Horse — Sickness (Revelation)
White Horse — False Prophets (Revelation 6)
Black Horse — Death (Revelation)
Red Horse — War (Revelation)
Four — God Revealing Himself
Twelve —
  • Beginning
  • Organization
Seven — Completion
Nineteen — God's Time Cycle
3 & 6 — Man's Number
666 — Number of Beast (Revelation)
Jerusalem — House of Israel (Ezekiel 4:1)
Trumpets — An Alarm (Joel 2:1)
Leavening — Sin
Sin — Transgression of the Law (I John 3:4)
Babylon — Confusion
Lamp, Sword — God's Word
Flood — Army
Living Water — Life Eternal
Man of Sin — Pope
Image of Beast — Roman Catholic Church
Beast of Revelation — Revived Roman Empire
Woes — Calamity, War
Whore of Revelation — Roman Catholic Church
Tree — Man
Talents — Spiritual Growth
Eagles Wings — Swiftness
Forehead —
  • Brain
  • Knowledge
Hand — Work
Lion of Tribe of Judah — Christ
Bread — Christ's Body
Wine — Christ's Blood
We — Christians
Elect — Philadelphia Church
Firstfruits — First Resurrection
Prince of This World — Satan
Labourers — Ministers
Field — World
Enemy — Devil
Harvest — End of This Age
Reapers — Angels
Church — Body of Christ (Ephesians 1:22-23)
Grace — (Ephesians 2:20)
  • Unmerited Favour
  • Gift of God
Corner Stone — Christ (Ephesians 2:20)
Odours — Prayers of Saints (Revelation 5:8)
Seven Eyes — Spirits of God (Revelation 5:6)
Lamps of Fire — Spirits of God (Revelation 5:6)
Truth — Gods Word (John 17:17)
Thy Word — Thy Commandments (Psalms 119:172)
Fine Linen — Righteousness of Saints (Revelation 19:8)
The Word — Christ (John 1:1)
Christ's Name — The Word (Revelation 19:13)
Testimony of Jesus — Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10)
Merchants — Great Men of The World (Revelation 18:23)
Seven Heads — Seven Mountains (Revelation 17:9)
Ten Horns — Ten Kings (Revelation 17:12)
Candlesticks — Churches of God (Revelation 1:20)
Two Olive Trees — Two Witnesses (Revelation 11:3-4)
Great River — Euphrates (Revelation 16:12)
Great Sea — Mediterranean
Unclean Spirits — spirits of Devils (Revelation 16:13-14)
Great City — Babylon (Revelation 16:19)
Great Whore — Babylon (Revelation 17:5)
Our Advocate — Jesus Christ (I John 2:1)
Hate — Murder (I John 3:15)
Little Children — Children of God (I John 4:4)
Spirit That Bears Witness — Spirit Is Truth (I John 5)
Mediator — Jesus (Hebrews 12:24)
Faith — Substance of Things Hoped For, The Evidence of Things Not Seen (Hebrews 11:1)
Mystery of God — Christ in You, The Hope of Glory (Colossians 1:27)

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