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What happened to Miriam for being jealous of her brother Moses' position?
She became leperous.

Numbers 12
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Meat for the Meal-Planner
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Meat for the Meal-Planner
Isabell F Hoeh  

IT IS NOT an exaggeration to say that meat is the most universally liked food. While consumption of wheat flour in the United States has steadily diminished since 1939, the per capita consumption of meat has risen. In 1939 the average person ate 145 pounds of red meats and poultry combined. By 1952 the total had risen to 179 pounds. But if you think Americans eat a great deal of meat, notice the figures for two other countries! Before the Second World War, New Zealanders ate 321 pounds of meat per person and Argentineans, 300 pounds. Values in Meat. Why this universal preference for meat? The value of meat has become increasingly apparent since the composition of different foods and their effects on human nutrition have been studied.

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Publication Date: 1954
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