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The Race Question
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The Race Question

WHY are there different races? HOW and WHEN did they originate? Is racial intermarriage wrong? Is segregation Biblical? What should we do about the problem of integration today? Here is a frank, clear explanation revealing the TRUTH on this controversial subject!

   No SUBJECT today stirs up more emotional animosities or is fraught with more DANGER — no subject is more challenging or more fateful — than the RACE QUESTION!
   It can hardly be discussed openly without inflaming feelings of superiority or inferiority, or feelings of aggression and extreme dislike.
   Yet the fate of this nation — and of THE WHOLE WORLD — is dependent not only upon the open discussion, but also upon the one and only right solution to this provocative question!
   It is time we face this momentous subject and UNDERSTAND it. It is time we control our emotions and feelings and examine this question honestly and truthfully.
   Let's have one fact understood! God condemns DISCRIMINATION. It is a sin! Unfair treatment because of race or color is always wrong. All can agree to that. But does that mean that God approves social integration or racial intermarriage? Does that mean God condemns segregation?
   Exactly what is the difference between "segregation" and "discrimination?" Is segregation really wrong? What is God's way — the Bible way — of removing racial tension? These questions need answering!

How the Controversy Began

   Let's consider, first, the background of this whole problem.
   The recent controversy over desegregation burst upon this nation as a result of the unanimous Supreme Court decision on May 17, 1954. In that decision racial segregation in the public schools was declared unconstitutional.
   Notice: MEN have decided that integration will wipe out discrimination in public schools!
   But is this GOD'S decision? — is this GOD'S way?
   If man's way is right, then I ask you: WHY has the present program of integration in American public schools INCREASED racial tension throughout much of the nation? Is DESEGREGATION REALLY THE SOLUTION TO DECADES OF RACIAL DISCRIMINATION? Will racial integration remove the root cause of the problem?
   The Supreme Court decision, however, was merely the spark that set the race question afire.
   For the past quarter century the problem has smoldered almost unnoticed. The real surge toward desegregation had already been artificially stimulated — by POLITICAL MOTIVES!

Politics Behind Desegregation

   Politicians know that elections today depend on minority votes in crucial areas. Control of such states as New York, Illinois and Pennsylvania depends upon control of the big city minority vote. If political aspirants are to be elected to office, or if they are to remain in office, they must make a play for the minority vote — the minority vote of the Negroes living in big cities in the North.
   Politicians of both parties, abetted by the Supreme Court decision, have therefore campaigned for desegregation — not because they necessarily believe it, but because it will gain them the votes of colored people in northern cities! This clever, and all-too-often insincere political maneuvering to corner their vote needs to be understood by every Negro!
   The present tension would never have arisen if politicians and jurists did not need the Negro vote! Desegregation — MAN'S attempt to wipe out discrimination — has become a cloak for political vote-getting.
   It is the same old story of HUMAN NATURE in politics — first it involved currying the favor of the Catholic and Jewish minorities, then organized labor. Now the Negro has been made the center of political turmoil.
   Let's recognize it! The program for desegregation is stimulated by SELFISH and POLITICAL motives. It's an attempt to take advantage of the Negro!
   But where is MAN'S way of solving the race problem leading us?

A World-Wide Plot!

   The race question involves far more than a mere domestic matter in the United States or in South Africa. It involves a question of international import. IT IS THE CENTER OF THE EAST-WEST STRUGGLE FOR CONTROL OF ASIA AND AFRICA — AND ULTIMATELY THE WORLD!
   Power politics are involved. Here's why. Whoever gains control and the support of the immense non-white populations gains mastery of the world!
   The controversy over race became a major issue as a result of the struggle BETWEEN WHITES to gain allegiance of Oriental and African masses. The colored peoples of Asia and Africa were at first innocent pawns.
   But times are fast changing!
   During and since World War II the colored populations awakened to their own importance in this struggle between the two major white powers, America and Russia. Today it is more than an ideological battle between capitalism and communism. The non-white nations have become a THIRD force that must be reckoned with. Nationalistic struggles have developed almost everywhere to see if the non-white nations can wrest mastery from the whites and beat them at their own game! Thus far it involves only the yellow and brown peoples of Asia and North Africa. But communist propaganda is spreading throughout the "Black Belt" of Africa. Trouble is already brewing in Kenya and South Africa. Within another twenty years Negroes in the whole of Africa will be in ferment!
   The problem will fast become an international contest, not only for international supremacy, but for racial supremacy!
   MAN'S solution is plummeting us straight down the road to RACE WAR!
   Idealists and social "do-gooders," without realizing it, have become helpless tools in the hands of communist propagandists inciting RACE WAR in the name of the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN! It is time we fully realize the tremendous implications lying behind the communist cloak of "HUMAN BROTHERHOOD." Western civilization is at stake!

NOT from the Bible!

   Communist propaganda stirring up racial strife masquerades under the guise of a Christian — sounding name — "the brotherhood of man." But where did this doctrine of "the brotherhood of man" originate?
   Jesus said to the Pharisees of this world. "If God were your father, you would love me... You are of your father, the devil, and the lusts of your father you will do" (John 8:42, 44). Only true Christians called out of this wicked world have God for their Father and belong to the true "brotherhood" (I Peter 2:17).
   The people of this world are not brothers spiritually BECAUSE THEY DO NOT HAVE GOD FOR THEIR SPIRITUAL FATHER! The Bible nowhere teaches that all men from birth are spiritually brothers. Most men are ENEMIES of one another!
   Then where did the doctrine that all men are spiritually and racially brothers come from? Out of Moscow! And apostate Christianity!
   And no wonder. For all who are a part of this world — whether they are atheistic communists or professing Christians — have one father, the devil, and hence are in a sense brothers. Jesus said so!
   The doctrine of the universal brotherhood of man and the Fatherhood of God is nowhere found in the Bible. God is NOT the Father of every person. Only through conversion do Christians become brothers and have God as their Father. Most professing Christians are not really converted, and God is not their Father.
   We like to think we live in a Christian world. But the world does not preach or believe the teachings of Jesus Christ. The so-called Christian church denominations are all divided. They don't really live by the Bible.

Communist Plans to Divide America

   So the program of racial integration is stimulated not only by so-called "Christian" politicians in America, but also by international communism!
   The Asia-African bloc of states in the United Nations is the political front in this gigantic communist-inspired conspiracy. Communists are not really interested in desegregation. They are intent upon stirring up racial strife in America. They originally planned for a separate and independent Negro Republic in the South.
   But the plan boomeranged.
   The American Negro did not want to separate. The communists immediately changed their tune and called for total integration. They knew it would provoke white reaction. Once again politics reveals its ugly hand in this unnecessary controversy that is taking us straight down the road to RACE WAR! But politics is only one factor behind the current racial tension.

How Evolution Influences Desegregation

   There is another factor espoused by ministers and educators alike. This factor is evolution!
   This theory, not the Bible, is the real basis of the recent Supreme Court decision. Let us understand WHY.
   No theory has played a greater part in moulding the racial attitude of educators than has the theory of evolution. It has given a pseudo-scientific basis for the present trend in race relations.
   Politicians, psychologists, jurists and educators — all have been swept off their feet by the fable of evolution. All their legal decisions on race relations are based upon this unproved theory.
   Yes, MAN'S attempt to solve the race question is based on the atheistic theory of evolution, instead of the inspired Scripture!
   Now let's understand the astounding connection between evolution and racial desegregation!
   One hundred years ago it was fashionable to believe that white men had evolved further than the darker races. The primitive Negro in Africa, with his dark skin and broad, flat nose and his prognathous jaw was assumed to be similar to our "sub-human" ancestors. Some even claimed that only whites had "souls." All this made the white man feel smugly superior — he had reached the pinnacle of evolutionary development!
   Or had he?
   The past century witnessed rapid progress among the colored peoples. That's the reason tremendous changes became necessary in the evolutionist's concepts of racial history and race relations. Here is what happened.
   Scientists admitted that it is the white man, instead of the Negro, who manifests the thin lips of the ape. It is the white man who manifests the ape's heavy brow ridges above the eye. It is the white man's hair that is like the ape's in structure! No ape has woolly hair like the Negro! The Oriental and the African — the evolutionists soon reasoned — must have "evolved" every whit as far as the white man.
   Of course, none of these prove evolution true, nor do they demonstrate that one race is more "advanced" than another. The Negro is no less human than the white man.
   But evolutionists would not admit they were wrong. They merely "altered their view of evolution" to please their intellectual vanity.
   Now they went to the opposite extreme.
   They began to teach that all races should freely intermix — since all were equally "advanced!" This would presumably wipe out color differences and leave no one to discriminate against. HERE is MAN'S WAY of creating the dream of ONE WORLD.
   But is this GOD'S WAY of wiping out discrimination and making ONE WORLD a reality?

Intermarriage a Final Goal

   Here is how MEN attempt to justify crossing the color lines not only educationally, but socially and maritally.
   Competent leaders among American Negroes have generally discouraged racial intermarriage. More often than not, the plan for free intermarriage among the races is fostered by whites! It is a direct result of the philosophy of evolution being applied to social problems.
   Here is how they reason: To quell racial tension and make "the brotherhood of man" a reality, the entire nation must first desegregate schools and encourage social intercourse between the races. This would provide sufficient social contact to allow both races to become mutually acquainted so that intermarriage may naturally follow. And with intermarriage freely permitted all our racial problems would be solved. There would be no one left to discriminate against. All that's necessary, reason our leaders, is to "cooperate with nature."
   But will this plan work? Is this the way to genuine happiness? Will it bring tolerance and harmony? Or will it stir up racial tensions into race war?
   What is God's way — the Bible way — of solving the problem of racial differences?
   For the answers to these questions we must turn to the Bible. The Bible is God's revelation of essential knowledge. It is God's decision — not men's decision — that we want. What does He say?

Did All Races Spring from Adam?

   Here is a question that has puzzled many! Is Adam the father of the Mongolian, the Hindu, the Negro and the White European? Or was Adam the father of only the Nordic people? Are Negroes and Orientals descendants of "pre-Adamites?"
   Notice the plain, simple Bible answer:
   "The God that made the world and all things therein... made of one {blood} every nation of men to dwell on all the face of the earth... having determined the bounds of their habitation" (Acts 17:24-27).
   EVERY NATION sprang from one man. This is a "Thus saith the LORD!" Notice I Corinthians 15:45: "The first man Adam became a living soul." There were no "pre-Adamites." Adam was the first man. From him came Eve. Eve is "the mother of all living" human beings (Gen. 3:20).
   The Scripture is plain. All nations and all races came from Adam. But what did Adam look like?
   Adam was made by God. The God who made Adam was Jesus Christ. "All things were made by Him; and without Him was not anything made that was made" (John 1:3). This is speaking of Jesus Christ, the Word, or active Spokesman of the Father. Now notice how Christ made Adam: "And God said: Let us make man {Adam} in our image, after our likeness" (Gen. 1:26). What is the meaning of "likeness?" The facial expression! So Adam looked like Jesus Christ. Adam also looked like God the Father. God said, "Let US make man after OUR image." Both Jesus Christ and God the Father look alike.
   When Jesus was on earth 4000 years later, He looked exactly like the Father. Jesus was "the express image of His {the Father's} person" (Heb. 1:3). But Jesus also looked like the average Jew! Judas had to kiss Jesus in order to point Him out among His disciples who were also Jews (Luke 22:48).
   Since Adam looked like Christ and Christ looked like the average Jew, then Adam — the first man — must have resembled the Jew. Adam therefore was a white man as are the Jews! Jews are not Negroes, as a few colored people contend. The Jews are Whites.
   Here is the testimony of archaeological science proving the same thing: the most "primitive " Western man was not an ape-like sub-human but exactly like modern whites! "How are we to account for this unexpected revelation?" asked the evolutionist Arthur Keith. "There are two ways: we may hold with the majority... and simply refuse to believe in the authenticity of these discoveries because they run contrary to our preconception of how and when modern man was evolved. Or... we may put our preconceptions aside, and... accept the revelations of these discoveries as facts, and alter our conception of man's evolution to harmonize with our facts" (from Antiquity of Man, Vol. I, pages 282-3).
   Again the testimony of Scripture is corroborated. The Bible is true. The
This Pigmy from the depths of the Belgian Congo stolidly sits for a "beauty treatment" in the Africa n jungle. The lines on the face will become permanent scars. — Wide World Photo — (See PDF for Picture)
first men were "modern" — not sub-human, and the Bible reveals they were white! But how are we to account for the many colors among human beings today? Why is the Negro black? Why does the Mongolian have his particular countenance?

How Races Developed

   Let's notice, for a moment, the theory of evolution. Here is how men try to explain this mystery!
   For tens of thousands of years, we are told, (notice that the Bible reveals it was less than 6000 years ago) the African CLIMATE influenced the selection of color in the skin and hair, and the shape of the nose and skull of men inhabiting that region. The fittest and the blackest survived, say evolutionists, because they could better withstand the sun's rays. Everywhere men in tropical Africa became constantly blacker, according to this theory, just as men in cooler Europe supposedly became constantly whiter by natural selection! Proof for this? — there is none. It is only a theory. It is wishful thinking. IT IS NOT TRUE.
   Climate or other factors in the environment may tan one's skin. But this sun tan is not inherited. Acquired characteristics are not inherited. Just because male Jews are circumcised does not mean that Jewish boy babies will be born circumcised! Climate did not cause the change of color of a Negro's skin to black. Neither could natural selection make a Negro black. Natural selection could do no more than choose what already existed. Darwin's theory of natural selection can not bring anything new into existence.
   Then how did the races develop their color?
   There are two sources of information — the Bible and physical science. Notice first what the Bible tells us. Races differ not only in color, but in facial features and in size. Some races tend to be shorter than others. Now notice the first development of races in the Bible. The record is found in Genesis.
   A race of dark-complexioned human beings of gigantic stature sprang from Adam before the flood, as well as from Ham after the flood (Gen. 6:4; Num. 13:33; Deut. 3:11). That race of dark-complexioned Hamitic-like giants has since perished.
   But the question is, how did men of gigantic stature develop from Adam's family? The Bible says it happened. Those giants came from Adam — all nations came from one man, Adam.
   But how?

Many Varieties within ONE Kind

   Now consider the laws God set in motion in nature as discovered by science. What laws have scientists found in operation — laws God set in motion — that gave rise to different races?
   Have you ever noticed that all nature is filled with varieties? — varieties of sheep, or of cattle or horses, varieties of doves, chickens, and geese — or apples,
A wretched African native and her little child. The Ubangi Negroes have prided themselves in atrocious forms of decoration. Both upper and lower lips have been cut and plates have been placed in them. Successively larger plates are placed in the extended lips as they gradually stretch. — Wide World Photo — (See PDF for Picture)
pears and — well, the list is almost endless. Every different KIND is divided up into many separate, distinct varieties. The same is true with human beings. There is only one human KIND, but there are many human varieties or races.
   How did all the varieties originate?
   God did not separately create each variety of animal. Adam named every KIND in a few hours before he saw Eve — but he couldn't have named every variety in a week's time! Neither would there have been room enough on the ark of Noah for every variety. Noah took in only the Genesis KINDS — not every variety. Then how did the original KIND the cattle, for example — divide up into many distinct varieties?
   The answer is very simple. God created the cattle kind in the beginning. A KIND will reproduce after its own kind. Cattle always reproduce cattle. (This is just one proof that evolution is impossible.) A KIND will never develop into a new and different kind — but it will divide up into many new varieties. That's why there are so many colors and sizes in each kind.
   God intended that each kind should reproduce distinctive varieties FOR BEAUTY AND FOR THE SERVICE OF MAN. Imagine what kind of world it would be if we could only eat one variety of apple, or look at one only variety of rose, or eat only one variety of fish!
   God knew what man needed. He solved this need in two ways. One, He purposed that there should be natural variations in every creature or plant. No two things are exactly alike. Two, He also purposed that distinct and totally new varieties should, from time to time, suddenly develop within an original kind. THESE DISTINCT NEW VARIETIES WE MAY CALL MUTATIONS.
   Remember these two types of varieties. They are the keys to the difference between nationality and race. Races are mutations. Nationalities are, in general, natural variations.
   But what is a "mutation?"

Sudden Changes in Nature

   A mutation is a sudden change that occurs in the structure of reproductive cells of the parent stock. Such a change may give rise to a new variety. God planned it to be this way at creation.
   The Negro, as well as the Oriental, is a mutation from Adam's stock. Each is a distinct variety of man. The Negro reproduces after his own likeness, not after the likeness of Adam, who was white. The Negro is the result of a change in hereditary factors.
   Notice that mutations occur in hereditary units in reproductive cells. That explains why each distinct new variety — the Negro and the Oriental, for example — reproduces after its own likeness, rather than after the parent stock. The new variety has arisen from a change in hereditary factors.
   God set this law in motion. He planned that certain limited changes would occur from time to time in the reproductive cells of plants, fish, birds and animals — including man. That is how the various races or distinctive varieties of human beings arose! It is a matter of natural, physical law God set in motion at creation.
   Negroes, then, are not black because of Ham's sin.
   Parent stock always reproduces after its own kind except when a mutation suddenly appears. That is why the white parent race of men always reproduces whites — after its own kind.
   But you ask, why do not whites still reproduce Negroid or Mongoloid mutations from time to time?
   The answer is again found in nature. Some plants and animals continually reproduce mutations. Other kinds, however, soon exhaust themselves. They can reproduce only a certain number of mutations. In other words, when all the possible changes in the reproductive cells have been expressed in new varieties there are no others left to occur.
   That is what happened in the case of man! All the possible racial variations which Adam and his immediate descendants were able to reproduce have already been reproduced. That is proved by the fact that none are now appearing.
   Of course there are visible non-racial mutations still occurring in human beings. Most of these are harmful or are malformations, such as the sudden appearance of six fingers and six toes. But no new racial mutations are occurring, nor have they occurred in the last two or three thousand years!
   Science, of course, has not been fully able to discern the divine mystery that causes mutations or new varieties. How GREAT indeed is God! Even with powerful microscopes man cannot clearly see these changes which sometimes occur in reproductive cells of plants or the lower animals. It is still beyond science to learn why it happens. Science can discover only that it does happen.

Races Before the Flood

   Human races arose before the flood. But how did the racial types pass through the flood if all were drowned except Noah's family?
   The plain and simple answer is that all racial types today developed from the five strains that passed through the flood (Gen. 7:7). There were Noah and his wife — two strains — and the three wives of the three sons of Noah, making five in all. These individuals inherited specific traits which they passed to you and me today. All nations arose from these strains.
   From Shem, one of Noah's sons, arose the white Europeans as well as the Arabic Shemites. Shem is also the father of the brown men of India. Most of Shem's sons were white.
   Japheth produced the Latin people of Europe and also the major portion of Russia. From him also sprang the Mongoloid types throughout Asia. Over one half of Japheth's sons were white — the others were Mongoloid.
   Through Ham many of the light people of North Africa arose. The black peoples throughout Africa and South east Asia also descended from Ham. Only two of Ham's four sons were black.
   In this article there is not sufficient space to trace the families of Noah mentioned in Genesis 10. But a sequel to this article will trace the migrations of the people throughout the world. In this stirring article you will learn that not all black people are Negroes — you will discover where the American Indian came from. No story of fiction could be more interesting than to trace the origin of the nations that exist today.

Color Tends to Predominate

   But to return to the races that escaped the flood in Noah's day. Did you ever notice that at the tower of Babel about three quarters of the human families were WHITE? WHITE was the parent stock. Only ONE THIRD was NON-WHITE. BUT TODAY OVER TWO THIRDS OF THE ENTIRE WORLD IS NON-WHITE! The color factor tends to be predominant over white.
   Now the question arises: why were the different racial characteristics present in Noah's family?
   Doesn't this imply that there must have been racial intermarriage before the flood? How else could Noah's three sons have passed on such divergent characteristics?
   Indeed it does mean that there was RACIAL INTERMARRIAGE before the Flood!
   That is exactly what brought the flood upon the world!
   Consider. Prior to the flood God did not intervene to separate the races. They all had one language before the flood. God left it to men to voluntarily obey Him. But they refused! To continue His Plan, God chose Noah, an obedient man.
   Noah was "perfect in his generations" — that is, in his ancestry. He came from a pure stock. He was not only spiritually "just," but physically "perfect in his ancestry (Gen. 6:9). Few people understand this key verse.
   Noah's family was of the original stock — though it seems that at least two of Noah's sons married women who were racial mixtures.
   Notice: "For just as it was in the days of Noah, so shall be it in the day when the Son of Man cometh. For as in those days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, MARRYING AND GIVING IN MARRIAGE, till the day that Noah entered into the ark, and they knew not until the flood came, and took all away" (Mat. 24:37-38).
   One of the SINS that led to the flood involved not only eating and drinking the wrong things, but MARRYING AND GIVING IN MARRIAGE! Marriage in itself is not wrong. So this must have involved the WRONG KIND OF MARRIAGE. Now turn to Genesis, chapter 6.
   "The sons of God [not angels, but men] saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives whomsoever they chose... and the earth was corrupt before God, and the earth WAS FILLED WITH VIOLENCE... for all FLESH had corrupted His way upon the earth" (Verse 2, 11-12).
   VIOLENCE filled the earth — very likely RACIAL VIOLENCE!
   It may well have resulted from intermarriage between races. Men chose whatever women pleased them. They did not ask God's advice or counsel. They freely intermarried with those of other races, when they knew they should not have done so! God sent the flood to save the human race from itself!
   Immediately after the flood the same sin developed. This is recorded in Genesis 11. The racial stocks at the Tower of Babel wanted to racially intermix. Leading the rebellion at Babel were Semiramis or Ishtar, a white woman, and her husband Nimrod, a black Cushite. Nimrod, of course, was not a Negro. Nimrod came from Cush, but Cush is not the father of the Negroes. Cush begat the black people scattered throughout Southern Asia and into East Africa. Cush means black in Hebrew. The Negroes descended from Phut, Cush's brother.
   God put a quick end to this act of rebellion. He intervened. He confounded or confused the languages so that each racial and national stock would thereafter remain separate. This whole account is made plain in Genesis 11. You should read the entire chapter when you finish this article.
   Very few realize that the flood came upon the world because of racial intermarriage. The world has forgotten that fact. Today they are trying to repeat the same mistake. "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the day when the Son of Man" — Christ — "cometh."
   Now let's understand why God intervened at Babel to segregate the races.

God Separates the Races

   God always allows men to obey Him voluntarily. After the flood He allowed men to voluntarily refrain from intermarrying between the races. "Remember the days of old" — just prior to Babel" when the Most High gave the nations THEIR INHERITANCE, when He SEPARATED the children of men. He set the borders of the peoples" (Deut. 32:7-8). We already read in Acts 17:26 that God determined "the bounds of their habitation."
   God gave the nations their separate inheritances. Most people would not take their own inheritance. They wanted to intermarry after the flood and make their own kind of ONE WORLD.
   They could have had one world then, with one language, IF THEY HAD BEEN OBEDIENT. But the people rebelled. They were not satisfied with separate inheritances. They did not want to be segregated. "So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence" — from Babel" upon the face of all the earth. Therefore was the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did then confound the languages of all the earth" (Gen. 11:8-9). And what are the people trying to do today? — the same thing that God put a stop to at Babel! Why won't we learn our lessons!
   Now we come to another startling fact. Most people do not know the difference between "segregation" and "discrimination."

Segregation Is NOT Discrimination

   As it is used today, the word discrimination means evil treatment of individuals because of race, creed or color. Discrimination is a sin! We are to help people, not treat them evilly. Segregation is not discrimination. Segregation means separation. Separation is not discrimination! Discrimination has often been mislabeled "segregation." If men had followed God's ways in the first place, and if each race would have retained its own inheritance, there would be no discrimination today.
   God separated the races at Babel. In other words, God segregated the races socially and geographically at Babel. What they would not voluntarily do, He forced them to do. GOD IS THE AUTHOR OF SEGREGATION. But God is no respecter of persons. He does not discriminate. He gave His own Son for the whole world — no matter what one's color is.

How We Become ONE in Christ

   True segregation would never lead to discrimination. In America, as a result of slavery, there is geographic integration — not total segregation — and discrimination is the inevitable result! God segregated the races geographically at Babel — to keep the world from discriminating because of race and color. True geographic segregation would have prevented discrimination.
   DISCRIMINATION IS A RESULT OF GEOGRAPHIC INTEGRATION! It is not a result of Biblical segregation. Man's attempt to wipe out discrimination by educational and social integration is merely stirring up more trouble! It will never solve the problem. God knew this long ago! That is why He segregated the races geographically in the first place.
   It seems that neither Whites nor Negroes have ever really understood this MOST IMPORTANT definition of Biblical segregation. Biblical segregation begins with GEOGRAPHIC SEPARATION. The experience of the Negro proves that when you violate this principle and integrate the Negro geographically you introduce discrimination. Geographic integration in Egypt led to racial discrimination against Israel in the time of Moses (Exodus 1). God put an end to discrimination by separating or segregating Israel!
   Many fail to understand this simple distinction between segregation and discrimination. This is usually due to misunderstanding Paul's statement in Galatians 3:28: "There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus."
   What does it mean to be "ONE IN CHRIST JESUS"?
   Notice that Paul is speaking of being divided outside of Christ, but united or one in Christ.
   Does it mean we cease to be males or females any longer? Of course not! Christians are still male and female in Christ — after conversion! Christians may still be racially Greeks or Jews — or Whites or Negroes — after conversion. The color of one's skin does not change upon conversion. Then what is it that makes us one after conversion?
   Turn to James 3:16: "For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work." Did you notice that? Where there is jealousy, strife and envy, there is division and confusion!
   Outside of Christ males and females are envious and jealous of one another. Outside of Christ freemen and bondmen are striving with each other.
   Outside of Christ there is discrimination between White and Colored. But in Christ our ATTITUDES are, through conversion, to become ONE!
   It is our ATTITUDE that changes at conversion! We all develop one attitude of mind — the attitude of love, which means OBEDIENCE TO GOD'S LAWS. "Love is the fulfilling of the law" (Rom. 13:10).
   Men and women are one in Christ, but Paul did not permit a woman to teach or usurp authority. God's law commanded that! Whites and Colored are one in Christ, but we shall notice shortly that God's law commands them not to mix socially or to intermarry.
   Due to migration and slavery Colored and Whites sometimes met in the New Testament Church together — as we read in Acts 13:1: "Now in the Church at Antioch were prophets and teachers, both Barnabas and Simeon, who was called Niger [the Greek word for Negro], and Lucius..." Simeon was a Negro in the Church at Antioch. Negroes could meet with Whites in the New Testament Church.
   God told Peter to "make no distinction" spiritually, in matters of church worship, over Gentiles in the Church (Acts 11:12). This was a hard lesson for Peter to learn (Gal. 2:12). But social fellowship, apart from religious fellowship, was not permitted! Here is the proof!

God's Law Forbids Intermarriage!

   Consider what God specifically says about social fellowship and interracial marriage. Speaking to Israelites about the sons of Canaan, the son of Ham, God said: "Neither shalt thou make marriages with them: thy daughter thou shalt not give unto his son, nor his daughter shalt thou take unto thy son (Deut. 7:3).
   God did not want them to mix socially or to intermarry. The religion of the Canaanites was also involved, as well as their race. Marrying outside of one's religion is as bad if not worse than marrying outside of one of the primary races.
   Notice God's command through Governor Nehemiah: "In those days also saw I the Jews that had married women of Ashod, of Ammon, and of Moab; and their children spoke half in the speech of Ashod [a Philistine city] and could not speak in the Jews' language... And I contended with them... Ye shall not give your daughters unto their sons, nor take their daughters for your sons, or for yourselves. Did not Solomon king of Israel SIN by these things... Shall we then hearken unto you to do all this great evil, to break faith with our God in marrying foreign women?" (Nehemiah 13:23-27).
   Here again God stresses the same principle. It is wrong to mix socially or to intermarry between the races. Despite his wisdom, Solomon sinned by doing so. He married the daughter of Pharoah, an Egyptian.
   Notice the law God set in motion concerning mixing different kinds or varieties. "Ye shall keep my statutes" — most people want to forget God's statutes" — Thou shalt not let thy cattle gender with a diverse kind; thou shalt not sow thy field with two kinds of seed..." (Lev. 19:19). Here is God's law. This is not Moses' law. These are "My" statutes, God says. Do we believe Him?
   He tells us not to let different kinds or varieties mix. In the Hebrew language, there is only one word meaning both "kind" and "variety." The word "kind" here must mean varieties of the original Genesis kind. The original Genesis kinds can never mix. Cattle can never interbreed with sheep. They are of two different Genesis kinds. But this law means that we are not to allow different kinds, that is, varieties of cattle to interbreed.
   Every breeder of purebred stock recognizes this law. No breeder would allow his prizewinning purebred stock to degenerate by mating with any other than the purebred strain. He would have no pure strains left. Mongrels or hybrids would result, instead.

Retaining the Best Qualities of Each Race

   God wants us to keep the strains pure — to bring out the best qualities in each.
   For example, the Negro has a natural inborn resistance to many tropical diseases. Whites do not have this natural resistance. It is the Negro who was made to live in Africa. Even the very color of the skin makes it more tolerable for a Negro to withstand tropical climate. Whites were not meant to populate Central Africa. South Africa, however, does provide the type of climate suitable for Europeans The Whites, not the Negroes, reached South Africa first.
   Take the example of the Mongolians. Only in East Asia does the climate constantly vary from extremely hot to extremely cold. No other portion of the earth's surface presents such a variation in weather. The Oriental was made exactly for that climate. His blood vessels are not so near the surface of the skin as among Whites. Hence the color of his skin. Mongolians do not therefore notice the extremes in climate.
   Next, take the example of the Germans. They are an energetic people. They form the very heart of Europe. That is why God led them there — so that the whole of Europe could be efficiently and thoroughly integrated in its economy. Similar parallels may be drawn with all peoples — races and nationalities.
   Promiscuous intermixing of races prevents each human stock from developing its best qualities. As far as physical inheritance is concerned, "man has no preeminence above a beast" (Ecc. 3:19). Man, like other animals, degenerates with interbreeding.
   Of course, those of us who are mixed racially still can make the best of life. We cannot help what we were born. SALVATION IS A SPIRITUAL MATTER IT IS NOT A PHYSICAL MATTER.
   Spiritual fellowship in the Church is permitted, but not social fellowship. Social fellowship is the first step in breaking down the God — erected barriers to interracial marriage. The New Testament examples show this clearly.
   God does not want to have the different races of human beings mix socially. That is why HE segregated them at Babel!

Nationalities Are NOT Races

   We should clearly distinguish between nationality and race. Nationalities are basically natural variations and are generally to be distinguished from sudden and distinct variations due to mutations. However, some national stocks within a race — such as the Pigmy — are due to non-racial mutations.
   Races are due to mutations. Intermarriage between the four primary races — white, yellow, brown and black — is sin. God says so. And it is God who determines what sin is. But within the races there are nationalities. God segregated the nationalities (tribal divisions with in races) primarily for political reasons rather than racial reasons.
   There are only four primary races, but dozens of nationalities exist. Each of the primary races is separated by bodies of water, deserts or great mountain barriers. This is to prevent intermarriage.
A view of the four racial strains of mankind. In the upper left are two pictures of the Black Aboriginal inhabitants of Australia. At the upper right is a picture of a Black Wedda of India and a black inhabitant of the South Sea Isle of New Caledonia. In the center row are Brown and Yellow racial stocks. At the left, a brown Cushite woman from the island of Ceylon, at the tip of India. Next is a Polynesian from Samoa. The other two are of the Yellow race — the first is a Tungu, an inhabitant of Siberia, the other is a polished Chinese. In the lower row we notice different White stocks. At the lower left is a Spaniard, next comes a Greek. Lower right brings us to two Germanic types from Hesse and Baden, in Germany.

Here you see the four racial strains of mankind. Upper left are Germanic and Mediterranean types of the White Race. In the upper right are a Tibetan man and a Japanese woman illustrating the Yellow or Mongoloid Race. The two pictures in the lower left illustrate the characteristics of the Brown Race. The man is of the Sioux Indian tribe, the woman is a Hindu. The Sioux is an exception to the general rule that most American Indians are Mongoloid. In the lower right are the two major branches of the Black Race. The man toward the center is a Somali (of Cush), the other man is a typical Sudanese Negro. — (See PDF for Pictures)
Africa is almost totally surrounded by water. A great desert is in its northern half. The whites of Europe are separated from the brown men of Southeast Asia by mountain passes and from the yellow men by the central Asian deserts. And the brown and yellow peoples of Asia are separated by the greatest mountain barrier in the world — the Himalayas. Look at a map of the world and see how true this is!
   This does not mean that there are abrupt changes in racial lines. The races are so placed that they shade from one into another. There is no hard and fast rule in the border regions.
   Dark whites in North Africa can freely mix with peoples of Southern Europe as well as with the darker peoples of Central Africa. But for the extremes of Central and North Europe to mix with Central Africa is wrong. It is also just as wrong for Mongolians to mix with Negroes. That is why God separated them so widely. But brown Mongolians may mix with brown Caucasians of India, for instance, or yellow Mongolians. Racial intermarriage is a matter of degree.
   Nationalities, by contrast, are separated by political borders. Nations are political units. Some have natural barriers, but most are only arbitrary political divisions which permit easy crossing. No marriage is forbidden between different nationalities of the same race. There may be factors, at times, which would limit marriage within the nationality (See Numbers 36). But these factors are not racial. The different tribes of Israel were permitted to intermarry freely.
   The very fact, however, that the nationalities or tribes remain separate units is strong indication that greatest happiness is found within the nationality. Even nationalities tend to differ emotionally and mentally. There is a great difference between the Negro and the black Pigmy or the Bushman, for instance. They are different tribes of the same race.
   Negroes in Africa practice segregation with Pigmies and Bushmen. They recognize segregation as a natural law among themselves.

A Bible Illustration

   The Bible contains a specific example of the DISTINCTION BETWEEN NATIONALLY AND RACE. Shortly after Moses fled from Egypt he married Zipporah, a Midianitess (Ex. 2:21).
Negro president and students at the Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee. Over half the Negro doctors in America are graduates of this institution. Here is what the Negro can accomplish through education! — (See PDF for Picture)
Zipporah's father was Reuel, a Midianite priest. He was also called Jethro (Ex. 3:1). Moses' wife was of the white race, but of a different nationality from Moses. Moses was of the nation Israel. Zipporah was of Midian. God did not object to this union.
   About forty years after this event, Moses married another woman. Notice the account in Numbers 12:1. "And Miriam and Aaron spoke against Moses because of the Ethiopian woman whom he had married: for he had married an Ethiopian woman."
   Here we find Moses marrying a woman of the black race. An Ethiopian is a Cushite — from East Africa. (This woman was not a Negress, for the Negroes come from West, Central and South Africa.) It was, however, wrong for Moses to have married this woman. Moses was not perfect. He made many mistakes, and this was one of them. His sister, and his brother Aaron knew God's law. They knew Moses made a mistake. But instead of coming to Moses in private, they made a public issue of it. Their sin was even greater in God's sight than Moses' sin was. God therefore punished them publicly, whereas He dealt privately with Moses.
   This episode shows clearly the distinction between nationalities of the same race, and peoples of different races.

A Time of Reckoning Coming

   No race problem would face America today were it not for the SLAVE TRAFFIC imposed on the Negro by our ancestors. We are inheritors of their sins! The Negroes, especially, have inherited the consequences of slavery. They have been lorded over, discriminated against and made to feel inferior. They actually have been inferior due to degeneracy of their race for nearly four thousand years prior to being brought to the United States.
   Slavery would never have happened to the Negro if they had not allowed themselves to stagnate and to become inferior. The pictures accompanying this article illustrate vividly the complete degradation to which the Negro sunk before coming to America enslaved. The astounding fact is that the Negro in Africa was often sold into slavery by his own tribal chief because he would not work for his chief!
   After the Negro was freed from slavery, America could have solved the whole race question by providing a home in Africa and putting all Negroes back on their rightful, God-given inheritance. Because the nation failed to solve the problem then, we have had nothing but trouble!
   The South, after the Civil War, failed to provide the Negro with the moral and spiritual encouragement he sorely needed. Most of the South, perhaps without fully realizing it, continued to practice discrimination in the name of "segregation" — but it was discrimination just the same!
   The whole problem would have been solved if the Negroes had been restored to their rightful inheritance in Africa.
   The North after the Civil War did absolutely nothing to put the South on its economic feet so that the South, in turn, might aid the Negro to become better educated. Instead, the North sent its men into the South to take advantage of both the Whites and the Negroes — for selfish profits!
   Most Southerners, let me repeat, have not realized that they have had a type of integration ever since they brought slaves to America. Slavery introduced geographic integration, which inevitably led to discrimination.
   Southerners saw the natural differences between Whites and Negroes — due primarily to lack of education among the Negroes — and it made them feel superior. The feeling of superiority led unconsciously to discrimination.
   If the South and the North would have recognized, after the Civil War, the importance of geographic segregation and would have practiced it — as God ordained in the first place — there would have been no discrimination against the Negro. The Negro should have been returned to his rightful inheritance in Africa, just as Egypt should have returned the enslaved Israelites to Palestine under Moses.
   This nation has to pay for its racial discrimination. It cannot atone for discrimination by socially desegregating the Negro! That is not going to solve the problem — it is only fanning the flames of racial strife even further. WE ARE GOING TO BE MADE TO PAY FOR OUR SINS BY GOING INTO SLAVERY OURSELVES! That's prophesied! That time of reckoning is fast approaching!
   In the meantime, however, we must all be subject to the laws of our land and to its court decisions. WE MUST NOT RESIST AUTHORITY. NEITHER ARE WE TO SUPPORT AND MEDDLE IN THE ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE ESPOUSING EITHER INTEGRATION OR DISCRIMINATION. We must keep ourselves unspotted from the politics of this world!
   God commands us to respect Government Authority. This means that we must submit to the local regulations of the different States. We are not to participate in boycotts in order to force officials to change their policy. If local administrators do not adhere to the ruling of the Supreme Court, it is the Government's responsibility — not yours — to enforce obedience. In the meantime we are to live at peace with our neighbors and submit to State requirements.
   Also, in those areas when the local Government is extending integration in the schools, we are not to resist. "Whosoever therefore resists the power [of Government], resists the ordinance of God" — because God allows Government to function (Romans 13:2).

A Better Time Coming!

   Despite all the bad news today, there is hope ahead. Jesus Christ is coming to ABOLISH RACIAL DISCRIMINATION AND VIOLENCE. Jesus Christ is going to bring peace between the races. He is not going to do it by integration and intermarriage, but by segregation. Notice the prophecy of the times of "restitution of all things" (Acts 3:21). That's when Jesus returns.
   What are some of the things to be restored? Here is the answer: "Wait on the Lord," — be patient till Christ returns" — and keep His way" — don't meddle in this world's attempt to solve the race problem, but obey God — "and He shall exalt thee to INHERIT THE LAND" (Psa. 37:34). But whose land?
   Why, the land that God gave each nation and race in the first place! It is a time of RESTORATION. God "divided to the nations their inheritance" long ago, "when He separated the sons of Adam" (Deut. 32:8).
   The nations forfeited their right to their inheritance at Babel, but Christ is going to restore what He gave them millenniums ago. They will each have their SEPARATE inheritances!
   That is God's way of bringing peace to the nations. When they learn that lesson, all nations will be permitted to learn and speak one language again (Zeph. 3:9). They will communicate in trade and commerce peaceably. There will be no slavery and discrimination. Each will develop his own inheritance.
   There will be no degeneration! There will be progress and abundance! Each will share with the other what he produces from his own inheritance!
   Isn't that a glorious time to which to look forward? Peace between nations and races is coming-soon!

Publication Date: 1957
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