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Is There a CONSPIRACY Against Fatherhood?
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Is There a CONSPIRACY Against Fatherhood?

A cancer is eating at the vitals of decent society worldwide! Its objective is the fall of fatherhood, the collapse of the family. You need to be alerted this insidious movement IS AFFECTING YOU!

   A CONSPIRACY has spread over all the globe. It operates in armies and in prisons. It has infiltrated the press, the movies, and even cabinets of governments! It all but dominates the arts, literature, theater, music and television.
   What is this conspiracy? The homosexual movement! This movement is a sinister, mysterious and efficient international conspiracy against society!

The Unbelievable Figures

   Homosexuality is worldwide, spreading into every nation. By its very nature it welds its participants together, molded by the same forbidden desires.
   How widespread has homosexuality become? How many homosexuals are there really? No one can know for certain. Several studies have been made to determine how many homosexuals there are. Here are some of the findings.
   In his book, One in Twenty, Bryan Magee says:
   "The idea that homosexuals can be recognized as such is a myth. The overwhelming majority of homosexuals, of both sexes, are indistinguishable from other people in every respect except their private sex lives....
   "The homosexual is not only the woman who wears man's clothes and an Eton crop, or the pansy boy with his mincing walk and camp gestures, it is also the man who sells you your cigarettes over the tobacconist counter, the chap with the bowler hat, the striped trousers, the briefcase and rolled umbrella, or perhaps your doctor or your member of Parliament. It is the laborer on the building site, the lorry driver, the factory worker, the white collar clerk, the clergyman.
   "In short, homosexuals are a cross section... homosexuals are upper class, working class, stable, and unstable, stupid, intelligent, artistic, unartistic everything that the community at large is because they are a cross section of the community" (pages 47-48).
   Mr. Magee suggests that homosexuals amount to about one in twenty persons in Great Britain.
   However, a noted American journalist, Jess Stearn, says:
   "I found whole beaches and entire community areas devoted almost exclusively to homosexuals. But these obvious, open homosexuals were only a small part of the growing homosexual population.
   "The great uncounted masses were the unknowns... and there were the others the bisexuals who married and had children; the latent homosexuals who suppressed or sublimated their desires; the male prostitutes and the so-called normal men who made a pretense of preying on homosexuals, while actually grappling with the problem themselves.
   "Toward the end of my research, after consulting with police, and health authorities, and just looking around, I was ready to accept (one) homosexual's own estimate of the overall homosexual population one out of every six adult males?' (The Sixth Man, pages 15-16.)
   Research reveals homosexuals can be found most anywhere. But they are more to be found in the big cities, which offer a climate more favorable to homosexuals, especially in jobs. Almost every city has its gay bars and areas where homosexuals gather to make contacts. "In Chicago, if you want exclusivity and have one hundred dollars for the initiation fee, you can join a swank homosexual club. The traveling homosexual can even buy a directory of gay saloons so he is never lacking in fun places to go" (New York Times Magazine by Webster Scott, November 12, 1967).

Among the Small and Great

   In the spring of 1967 the New York City local police and FBI agents broke up a 70-man extortion ring. This ring had taken literally hundreds of thousands of dollars in blackmail money from at least seven hundred homosexuals throughout the U.S. Most of these homosexuals were men of accomplishment and fame. Among them were two deans of Eastern universities, several professors, business executives, a motion picture actor, a television personality, a California physician, a general and an admiral, a member of Congress, a British theatrical producer and two well-known singers. The night before they were to testify before a New York county grand jury investigating this blackmail racket another victim, a high-ranking military officer, committed suicide. The blackmailers threatened to expose the homosexuals unless they paid UP.
   Prisons and military service are homosexual havens. Here they can carry on their activities at length and with less chance of being discovered. They have easy access to others for seduction.
   But homosexuals are by no means confined to prisons and the service. Some have money and are wealthy enough to afford some of the swank resorts. These men often contact hustlers boys who are male prostitutes and who lend their bodies to the homosexuals. These boys are bought and paid for their "service."
   The terrible abomination of this type is that the young boys are perverted for life! Marilyn Arvidson of the St. Petersburg Times says, "It becomes worse than dope addiction once a boy goes beyond the point of no return. It is a cancer [which) if not removed, in time destroys the whole body."

Entrenched in Arts and Fashions

   It is a well-known fact that homosexuals prefer such professions as interior decorating, fashion design, hair styling, the dance, the theater, and music. But they are even to be found in teaching professions and social work. They are found in medicine and in the ministry. As one writer put it, "I think many intelligent homosexuals feel obligated to do some good for the world and prove they're not 'wicked.'"
   Time magazine reported, "On Broadway, it would be difficult to find a production without homosexuals playing important parts, either on stage or off. And in Hollywood, says Broadway Producer David Merrick, 'you have to scrape them off the ceiling'... In the theater, dance, and music world, deviates are so widespread that they sometimes seem to be running a kind of closed shop" (Time, January 21, 1966).
   More and more movies and plays are dealing with this outright abomination! Twenty years ago it was something almost unheard of in the open. Now, the subject of homosexuality and lesbianism is dealt with in a number of movies and in various plays. The attitude seems to be that this perverted and filthy behavior is acceptable.

Formula for a Homosexual

   Where do homosexuals come from? What makes them? How do men come to have an attraction and sexual desire for other men? And how do women get to the point they want to become masculine and make "love" to another woman?
   Here are the findings from psychological research and the examination of the private lives and childhood patterns of many homosexuals.
   "There is to be one Childhood pattern which is, as it were, the archetype, and everyone who goes into the subject has to remark on it before long: over and over again it is found that A HOMOSEXUAL PERSON HAS HAD AN INTENSE RELATIONSHIP WITH THE MOTHER AND A DEFICIENT ONE WITH THE FATHER" (from the book, One in Twenty, p. 30, emphasis mine).
   Parental imbalance as described above contributes to the homosexual's fear of the opposite sex. This fear originates in the home life of the homosexual and comes through his parents. Time magazine reports:
   "The mother either domineering and contemptuous of the father, or feeling rejected by him makes her son a substitute for her husband, with a close-binding, over-protective relationship. Thus, she unconsciously demasculinizes him.
   "If at the same time the father is weakly submissive to his wife or aloof and unconsciously competitive with his son, he reinforces the process. To attain normal sexual development... a boy should be able to identify with the father's masculine role.
   "Fear of the opposite sex is also believed to be the cause of lesbianism, which is far less visible but, according to many experts, no less widespread than male homosexuality and far more readily tolerated" (Time, January 21, 1966, emphasis mine).
   Today lesbianism is altogether as prominent and widespread as male homosexuality.
   "Lesbianism is becoming an increasingly important. problem, as evidenced by statistics in recently published articles... the late Dr. Beran Wolfe, well known psychiatrist and author... observed that homosexual attachments among women are far more prevalent than the public suspects...he is of the opinion that lesbianism is symptomatic of an underlying neurosis and as such represents a means of evading the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood" (from the book by Carl M. Bowman, M.D., Female Homosexuality, a Modern Study of Lesbianism, pages 7-8).
   In his book, Homosexuality: A Psychoanalytic Study, Irving Bieber reports that out of 106 homosexuals studied, 73 percent of them had been discouraged by their mothers from developing masculine attitudes and behavior patterns.
   The role of the father emerged even more sharply in this study. NOT ONE OF THE 106 HOMOSEXUALS HAD A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP WITH HIS FATHER. Most of the fathers had been detached, hostile, slighting, or had openly rejected their sons.
   In another study of transsexuals "men who would be women" by Dr. Ira B. Pauly, M.D. it was stated that the stories presented by the transsexuals of their home life were quite similar.
   Here was the pattern: "Typically, the father is recalled as cold and aloof at best, punitive and rejecting at worst, but most often absent or ineffectual and providing no adequate model for identification. On the other hand, there is quite often a very dose relationship with the mother."
   This rejection by the father and overprotective treatment by the mother demasculinized these boys. They learned to copy and imitate their mothers in feminine gestures and attitudes. And since their mothers, liked men in a romantic way they themselves developed a perverted attachment along these romantic lines.
   In this same study it was found that the situation that really promoted homosexuality in boys was a combination of attitudes. The mother had to be overly protective and over-loving making her son a substitute for her husband. At the same time the father had to be weak or hostile with little or no influence at all. This combination seemed to be apparent in all the homosexuals studied.
   Similar combinations are evident in the lives of lesbians. Some are made afraid of the opposite sex by mothers who pounded their own fears into their daughters' minds. Men who abused their wives, sexually or otherwise, gave their wives the attitude that all men are brutes and beasts. Their wives in turn instilled this attitude into the minds of their daughters. Some daughters received their mother's teaching so well that it perverted their minds and made them ready candidates for lesbianism.

The Importance of Father

   From the foregoing we can see the importance of parents. Especially the father. The father's role is the dominant one and the one charged with the greatest responsibility by God Almighty.
   When a man marries he takes on the responsibility to love his wife with kindness and tenderness that will increase her love and respect for him. In the process of marriage he becomes a father and must therefore set the right example for his sons and daughters.
   Notice the importance the father's image has for the son.
   "For promotion of a boy's psychological growth, the ideal father should be emotionally strong, a leader of the family, the kind of man the boy can like, admire and respect. The father is the boy's masculine image, the man he imagines he would like to be when he grows up.
   "Children are great imitators. A GREAT PART OF THE NORMAL GROWTH DURING YEARS OF CHILDHOOD IS A PROCESS OF IMITATION OF WHICH THE CHILD IS COMPLETELY UNAWARE... the first man in a boy's life is his father. Therefore, he feels that to be a man is to be like his father" (by Vincent T. Lathbury, M.D., Ladies' Home Journal, February 1965, emphasis mine).

The Devil's Plan

   God Almighty reveals Himself as a Father, even in the writings of the Old Testament. Read Psalms 89:26; Isaiah 63:16; Isaiah 64:8; Hosea 1:10. These are a few of the scriptures revealing God's Fatherhood.
   When Jesus came to the earth He plainly revealed the Fatherhood of God. Those who heard Him speak should have received His message with joy and understanding, since they had been prepared by the writings of the Old Testament. However, they refused to believe Jesus' words and accused Him of blasphemy.
   It was at the feast of dedication in Jerusalem one winter when Jesus told the Jews, "My Father, which gave them me, is greater than all; and no man is able to pluck them out of my Father's hand. I and my Father are one" (John 10:29-30).
   At this saying the Jews took up stones to kill Jesus. Jesus asked them why they were going to kill Him. He mentioned that He had done many good works among them. But the Jews replied that they were not killing Him for any good works "but for blasphemy; and because that thou, being a man, makest thyself God" (verse 33). They could not understand how Jesus could be the Son of God. To them this was making Himself equal with God. They knew of scriptures speaking of God's Fatherhood. But they did not acknowledge their true meaning.
   It has been the devil's plan to pervert even the meaning of the word "father." Today people use that term about God but become very offended when told the plain truth of God's divine purpose. They cannot believe that men are destined to become literally the very born sons of God just like God as our children are like us. So in Jesus' day the Jews refused to hear Jesus' words about the Father.

A Fatherless Society

   If the devil could get a society and make it the way he wanted it, what would it be like?
   Do you know there was once a society completely ruled by the devil? He had instituted his thoughts and his morality. This society was completely destroyed from the face of the earth and the lesson of it should be a perpetual witness to all generations. The society was Sodom and Gomorrah!
   The final end of any society run by the devil is the complete destruction of fatherhood. The devil himself cannot reproduce. Angels cannot reproduce nor marry (Matt. 22:30). But God can reproduce Himself. God is in the process of reproducing Himself in us His begotten children (I John 3:1-2).
   Thus the devil wants to destroy fatherhood for in so doing he hopes to destroy God's true religion.
   How does the devil go about the destruction of fatherhood?
   It starts off innocently enough with a few jokes. Gags and comic situations, comedy shows and plays are used to portray father as a dolt, a stumbling, bumbling idiot. Witness such shows as Blondie, The Life of Riley, Bewitched and such cartoons as Bringing Up Father, etc. The whole point is to make fun of, ridicule and repudiate the authority of the father.
   Another way the devil destroys fatherhood is through seduction. Appeals are made to the he-man type that playing around, having the "sophisticated" attitude, being the playboy is the manly thing to do.
   Many men cheat on their wives have extramarital relationships and mistresses on the side. They don't realize what they're doing. But they are destroying their very homes and making null and void their potential for true fatherhood. The devil's real aim is to destroy the family and children. By causing the home to break up, the devil can more readily get at the children, causing the boys to imitate their mothers, thus bringing society one step closer to Sodom and Gomorrah.
   Successful businessmen are a prime target. Consume their time through their various business pursuits, is the ploy. Then they have no time for their wives, for their children, to build a solid foundation and good home life. Rather they're in the busy pursuit of making the almighty dollar. In this way they are seduced from their responsibilities as fathers the aim, of course, is the destruction of their homes.
   Even in religion today the title "father" has been perverted. This title is applied to men who are unmarried and single with no children at all. Of course it's supposed to be a spiritual title. But notice the subtle way in which the meaning of this word is destroyed. This term is applied to a religious leader as it would be applied to God. Implication is that even God has no real children.
   Jesus forbids His ministers to be called "father" and forbids His followers to call anyone else on the earth "father" as a spiritual title (Matt. 23:9). The only persons who deserve this title are your own physical father and God Almighty, your spiritual Father. (Some may use this term with foster parents who have been the only parents they've known.)

Aimed at God's Religion

   This vicious and subtle attack on fatherhood is really aimed at God Almighty. Its aim is to warp people to the point they cannot have a right relationship with their Heavenly Father.
   If you have never known a proper relationship with a physical father, it will be more difficult for you to have a right relationship with your spiritual Father. You will have to learn now the things you should have learned in relationship to a physical father. Here are just a couple of examples.
   In James 1:17 we read, "Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning. Of his own will begat he us with the word of truth that we should be a kind of firstfruits of his creatures."
   Do you realize all good gifts come from your Heavenly Father?
   Suppose a boy were reared in an orphanage or did not have a father to help him get established in life. Here is a boy who grew up mostly on his own. What he learned he learned by himself. He had to claw out his living in this world. What he got he had to "earn on his own." He is a "self-made man."
   This type of man finds it very difficult to humble himself, fall on his knees, praise and thank the God of heaven for the many gifts he receives! Some of you reading this article may be in this category.
   When we are in trouble God will take care of us. The Bible tells us, "... casting all your care upon Him; for He cares for you" (I Peter 5:7). How hard it is to cast cares on our Heavenly Father when we have not learned this lesson with a physical father!
   The destruction of fatherhood is one of the devil's chief tools in slowing down the spiritual progress of all peoples who are converted.
   The Bible tells us that the relationship with our physical father is a direct parallel to the relationship of our spiritual Father.
   Notice, "And ye have forgotten the exhortation which speaketh unto you as unto children, My son, despise not thou the chastening of the Lord, nor faint when thou are rebuked of him: for whom the Lord loveth he chasteneth, and scourgeth every son whom he receiveth.
   "If ye endure chastening, God dealeth with you as with sons; for what son is he whom the father chasteneth not? But if ye be without chastisement, whereof all are partakers, then are ye bastards, and not sons.
   "Furthermore we have had father1 of our flesh which corrected us, and we gave them reverence: shall we not much rather be in subjection unto the Father of spirits, and live? For they {our physical fathers) verily for a few days chastened us after their own pleasure; but he for our profit, that we might be partakers of his holiness" (Heb. 12:5-10).
   Notice that we learn vital lessons from the correction of our physical fathers. After their correction we learn to give them "reverence." We learn to yield to their authority and to be more loving and respectful to them.
   We must transfer this same wonderful feeling of reverence to our Heavenly Father! Can you do it?

A Father to the Fatherless

   But What if you haven't had a good father? Can you have a right relationship with God? Yes! If you are willing to overcome deficiencies in your background.
   God is a father to the fatherless. He can help you to be a better father and also to be a good son of His.
   "Giving thanks unto the Father, which hath made us meet [fit] to be partakers of the inheritance of the saints in light" (Col. 1:12). Yes, God is able to make you fit to be His son.
   Recognize the deficiences in your own life. Call on God as your Heavenly Father and ask Him to give you a right attitude toward Him as your Father
   If you have not had a good father, call on God for the help. imitate God who is your Father. He will show you how to rear your own children and to be the kind of father they can look to for love and guidance.
   And what if you are a widow trying to rear boys? Here again you must look to God for guidance. God is called "a father to the fatherless." Point your sons to good masculine examples in your local community.
   Point them to the many examples in the Bible of God's great men. Have them copy these men's lives except, of course, for their sins.

Motherhood A Part of Fatherhood

   In order to destroy fatherhood completely the devil must also destroy motherhood. This he is doing just as effectively.
   Today rebellious women attack and slander their husbands. The devil loves wives to ridicule their husbands. These wives are destroying fatherhood and at the same time their own motherhood.
   Many women have taken the attitude "no man will tell me what to do." With this refractory attitude they drive their husbands from the home and away from them. When a husband feels intimidated, insulted and ridiculed he is not comfortable at home. And when home is not comfortable he stays away as long as he can. Thus the children are robbed of a good relationship with their father. The wife is also robbed of a loving, close, happy marriage. This frustrates her and causes her to overdo affection for her children.
   Motherhood is destroyed when men make fun of their wives, ridicule and destroy their effectiveness in the home. Some men seek to keep up with the Joneses. They encourage their wives to work outside the home. The wives are, therefore, not able to effectively fulfill their responsibilities as mothers. The children suffer. The home disintegrates. And the devil is well pleased!
   Can we not realize that motherhood and fatherhood blend into one? That motherhood is a part of fatherhood? Women ought to be respected, loved and admired by their husbands. Husbands ought to have, the absolute respect and reverence of their wives in loving submission to the head of the house.

A Woman's Part

   Women are vitally important to the establishment of the home. A loving, kind, attractive, clean, neat, thoughtful, and submissive wife can make all the difference in the world to her family.
   Men, by their very nature, tend toward work and activities outside the home. A man's world is pretty much outside the home.
   But a man must take part in the home! He must be the head of it.
   Here's where a good wife helps. She can make home life very desirable for her husband. She can make home a pleasant place to be a pleasure to come home to. By her love and encouragement she can help her husband to have a far greater part in the activities of the home, especially in dealing with the children. She can help make his fatherhood far more effective. And at the same time increase her feminine role in the right way. Write for our free booklet, True Womanhood IS It a "Lost Cause"? It expounds five specific feminine characteristics which every woman should cultivate.
   Nothing can take the place of a family built around a strong, solid and close marriage. This is essential to proper home life.
   And those with proper family relationships tend to have the right relationships in the family of God. Notice!
   "I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name's sake. I write unto you, fathers, because you have known him that is from the beginning. I write unto you, young men, because ye have overcome the wicked one. I write unto you, little children, BECAUSE YE HAVE KNOWN THE FATHER.
   "I have written unto you, fathers, because ye have known him that is from the beginning. I have written unto you, young men, because ye are strong, and the word of God abideth in you, and ye have overcome the wicked one" (I John 2:12-14).
   Notice that he writes to the children of God and among these children are young men and fathers. He tells the young men that they have been strong and have overcome the wicked one.
   Today young men need to be strong! They need to overcome the wicked one who is out to destroy their fatherhood! They need to read our free article "The Plain Truth About Queer Men" which discusses the whole problem of homosexuality and then goes on to elaborate on those truly masculine qualities which young men should cultivate and exhibit.
   The styles today are geared to demasculinize young men. Many teenagers even those from solid upstanding families tend toward the styles of long hair and effeminate ways!
   God tells us, "LOVE NOT THE WORLD, neither the things that are in the world. If any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the Father, but is of the world" (I John 2:15-16).
   This statement follows on the heels of young men overcoming the wicked one. God tells us we must not love the world and there is a reason! The reason is that this world and the things of the world tend toward the destruction of fatherhood! You can't love the world and love the Father too.
   Look at entertainment. TV, the movies, novels, plays even music tend toward the destruction of right and proper development. The idea is sex loose sex, perverted sex, weird sex. All this tends toward the destruction of the home the destruction of fatherhood. The styles that influence men and women today tend toward the destruction of parenthood in general!

The Only SOLUTION That Will Work

   The first and most important step toward the real solution to these problems is to bring God the into the picture. He is the God that through Jesus Christ created and now RULES the entire universe (Eph. 3:9).
   God said: "Let us make man in our image, after our LIKENESS: and let them have DOMINION over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth..." (Gen. 1:26). God created man in His form and shape, and to a limited extent with His type of wisdom and understanding, as a potential RULER over His creation. This rulership requires WISDOM and STRENGTH. Man was given both of these.
   Woman was not made to be the RULER over men, but rather a help to the man. For God said in making woman; "I will make him an HELP meet [or suitable] for him" (Gen. 2:18).
   The true God created the woman to be "one flesh" with the man in marriage (verse 24), and intended him to LOVE and cherish her as his own body (Eph. 5:28).
   God warned man not to PERVERT this natural union of the man with the woman, in marriage. "If a man also lie with mankind, as he lieth with a woman, both of them have committed an ABOMINATION; they shall rarely be put to DEATH; their blood shall be upon them" (Lev. 20:13).
   In the New Testament, God CONDEMNED the early Greek and Roman philosophers upon whose ideas altogether too much of our culture and education is founded. He said they "changed the truth of God into a lie" (Rom. 1:25).
   Then God states; "For this cause God gave them up unto VILE affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature [lesbianism]: and likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompense of their error which was meet" (verses 26-27).
   God the Father calls any perversity of this kind a VILE thing and He HATES it with a RIGHTEOUS INDIGNATION!

Additional Steps to Take

   God the Father reveals that it is not only the literal act of homosexuality that is wrong, but even the tendency toward such things is a sin against our Maker and our fellowman. In the New Testament of God's written revelation to man, He states: "Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor EFFEMINATE, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God" (I Cor. 6:9-10).
   A man who just allows himself to become EFFEMINATE is in fact dishonoring and DISGRACING his Maker in whose image and likeness he was originally made! All men need to realize and ACT on this basic truth.
   From the point of view of GOD our Maker and Ruler what is true masculinity? Is it the picture of a hairy-chested, ignorant male monster who beats and abuses women and children?
   Rather, the truth is that the male of the species in a very special way should become in body, mind and spirit LIKE GOD. For God states: "For a man indeed ought not to cover his head, forasmuch as he is the image and glory of GOD: but the woman is the glory of the man" (I Cor. ll:7).
   In this same chapter, God reveals the order of authority in society as HE intended it to be: "But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman is the and the head of Christ is God" (verse 3). Being made even more directly in the image of God than the woman who was created to be his helper man is to be in AUTHORITY as God's representative in human society and over all the animal creation on earth.
   What God-like, truly masculine qualities should man cultivate and exhibit, therefore?
   Here are two basic qualities of true masculinity as revealed in God's Word that ought to be expressed in categories.
   These two basic qualities are STRENGTH and LEADERSHIP.
   When God was calling out Abraham to serve Him with his whole heart and to be "the father of the faithful" He revealed Himself in the following manner: "And when Abram was ninety years old and nine, the Lord appeared to Abram, and said unto him, I am the ALMIGHTY GOD; walk before me, and be thou perfect" (Gen. 17:1).
   When, in making the Old Covenant with ancient Israel, notice how God revealed Himself to them: "And Mount Sinai was altogether on a smoke, because the Lord descended upon it IN FIRE: and the smoke thereof ascended as the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mount QUAKED GREATLY. And when the voice of the trumpet sounded long, and waxed louder and LOUDER, Moses spake, and God answered him by a voice" (Ex. 19:18-19).
   Many more instances could be cited, but the point is that God revealed Himself with POWER when He wanted man to realize and respect His office. And man himself as God's direct representative on earth over all other created beings has also been given greater STRENGTH and POWER to carry out his office.
   God says: "Look unto me, and be ye saved, all the ends of the earth: for I am GOD, and there is none else!" (Isa. 45:22.) Knowing it is best for us, His children, God is not bashful about taking the LEAD. He completely DOMINATE5 in His dealings with men.
   But modern man originally made in God's image has begun to DISSIPATE this strength of body, mind and personality. He has become WEAK INDECISIVE FEARFUL.
   Let us now examine the gorier in which man should develop the strength and leadership which God intends that he should exhibit.


   Men need to be taught a more positive and masculine mental attitude. They need to understand that Almighty God created them to be the LEADERS in society and that whether or not they assume this leadership God still holds them RESPONSIBLE.
   Even the very first man, Adam, tried to "pass the buck" in the original sin by saying: "The woman Whom thou gavest to be with me, she gave me of the tree, and I did eat" (Gen. 5:12).
   Notice God's answer to this weakkneed attempt of Adam to let the woman usurp his authority: "Became thou hast hearkened unto the voice of thy wife... CURSED is the ground for thy sake; in sorrow shalt thou eat of it all the days of thy life" (verse 17).
   Oh yes, all the modern "wacky" psychiatrists and psychologists and their opinions notwithstanding, man is fully CAPABLE of being the right kind of leader in society if he is not too LAZY!
   Every man needs to be taught or teach himself which he can do if he really wants to to USE his mind. He needs to learn to exercise mental discipline, to develop knowledge, understanding and WISDOM to make right decisions. Every man needs to learn to exercise RESOURCEFULNESS to think his way around any problem and come up with the right solution. He needs to have VISION to think ahead into the future and foresee the real outcome of his present actions and habits. He needs to realize that becoming truly WELL educated is not something merely for sissies and bookworms, but for a real MAN who is going to be the leader in human society to plan what ought to be done, to exercise the mental energy and discipline to see that the job gets done properly, and to accept the RESPONSIBILITY before God and his fellowman for the authority in which he has been placed.

Physical Strength and Confidence

   Modern men should quit being physical "marshmallows" and begin to develop physical strength and energy! Through proper food, sleep and exercise they should develop a sense of self-confidence and leadership which makes them better able to take their place at the head of human society.
   All of the laws of good health enter into this, but one of the primary ones in regard to the problem of masculinity is that of EXERCISE. Most American men, today, sitting in front of their TV sets, riding to work, sitting at their desk, do not get NEARLY enough exercise. That's why they are "softies." They are completely UNLIKE the pioneer men of yesteryear who were constantly walking, chopping down trees, plowing behind a team of horses, working and DRIVING their way through the wilderness and over obstacles! Unless, alas, they are already too old or have heart trouble or some similar condition, American men need to exercise vigorously and really SWEAT. They need to feel their blood stirred up and get the male hormones stirring in their system! They need to feel a firmness and hardness in their muscles, an agility and coordination in their body as a whole and a sense of ENDURANCE when the going gets rough. Even physically, they need to feel what it is like to be a MAN!
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More Real FATHERS Are Needed

   All parents and all society need to learn that every young boy needs to be TAUGHT the proper masculine way of acting and thinking. The most important person to teach these things by EXAMPLE is the boy's own FATHER. Every father needs to spend much time with his sons. He needs to teach them about how to participate in sports, how to handle fear and anger, how a decent human being ought to approach sex, how a real MAN plans, builds, and develops his CHARACTER to be the right kind of husband and father when he grows up to have his own family.
   These things can be taught best of all by a boy's own father. Countless respected judges, teachers, social workers and other experts on the problems of juvenile delinquency have come to the conclusion that "a child who respects his FATHER will respect his teacher, the laws of his country, and all the persons around him."
   As much as possible, every father should teach his sons many types of responsibility. He should teach them to work around the house, how to handle money, how to make an impartial and FAIR decision in love, for the good of the whole family or group. A young boy or girl, for that matter seeing this example from his father and the head of the family, will have this lesson indelibly stamped into his character as he grows up.
   Every father needs to take his son hiking, camping, hunting and fishing teaching him all the time self discipline, resourcefulness, perseverance and strength, confidence and leadership.
   And all the while as we have stated each father should teach his sons the proper attitude of LOVE not lust and APPRECIATION for the opposite sex that God intended. Thus trained by the EXAMPLE of his father and other men, every boy would grow up WANTING to be the right hind of LEADER in his home and community. From boyhood, a definite sense of physical and mental STRENGTH would be instilled in him based on training, experience and REALITY. He would, then, be truly QUALIFIED to take his place as the leader of his wife, the father of his children and a guiding force in his business and community circle.
   In short, he would be a real MAN.

The Spiritual Category is Most Important of All

   A man's strength and leadership should not be confined to physical things alone. For the leadership of real, masculine MEN in Western society is one of the greatest needs of our time! As in the home, the school, and the social sphere, so modern woman has tended to DOMINATE in the religious sphere of life as well. It is a well-known fact that far more women go to church than men. More women than men are Sunday school teachers. In the home, WOMEN are increasingly regarded as the spiritual leaders.
   Men haven't really thought this problem through and decided that the women SHOULD lead them in these things. Rather, they have often subconsciously assumed that the woman is more "righteous" because she lacks aggressive drives which they see in themselves. And, besides that, most men are just too LAZY to try to take the lead which God intended in spiritual matters.
   In fact, the "religious" women tend to be among the guiltier ones in this whole problem of effeminate men. One writer comments: "Some of the blame, I think, is on the mothers. Many of them try to create sissies in their own image rather than in the image of the fathers. The more religious the mother is, the more inclined she is to emasculate her sons."
   Remember, however, that GOD the Father says: "The head of the woman is the man." In His Word, God also commands: "Let your women keep SILENCE in the churches: for it is not permitted unto them to speak; but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law. And if they will learn anything, let them ask their husbands at home: for it is a SHAME for women to speak in the church" (I Cor. 14:34-35).
   God led the Apostle Paul to state in the inspired Scripture: "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in SILENCE" (I Tim. 2:12).

Learn God's PURPOSE

   The true religion of Jesus Christ will motivate men to be real MEN and good fathers to have wisdom and strength, and to LOVE their wives, children and fellow men with outgoing concern and consideration.
   Men, appreciate the fact that God made you a man, a potential leader and a potential KING and RULER in His coming Kingdom (Rev. 2;26). Develop your masculine qualities of strength, leadership, wisdom and and love. And APPRECIATE the fact that God made woman to be a wonderful HELP to a man. Objectively train yourself to love and appreciate the beauty, the sweetness, the softness, the kindness with which God has endowed the right type of woman. In the right way, learn to LOVE and cherish all women, but ESPECIALLY your own beloved wife and daughters!
   Help them, protect them, provide for them, cherish them but YOU be the MAN and leader of the situation! In this God-intended way, your wife will have a deeper sense of security and JOY than ever before, your sons will grow up with confidence to be real MEN, your neighbors and community will be reinvigorated by your masculine leadership, and your NATION will be far better able to protect itself and to survive in the chaotic months and years that lie immediately ahead.

God's Final Solution

   Then in the not-too-distant future Jesus Christ will intervene in this world's affairs. He will take the reign and rule away from Satan the devil and from the rulers of this world. God's Kingdom will once again establish the true meaning of fatherhood.
   Won't it be wonderful when boys are reared to be real men masculine, kind, strong, loving, forceful yet merciful? And when girls are reared to be women of femininity, beauty without and within honorable, respectful and loving?
   These wonderful events will take place in the World Tomorrow. If you want to know how you can qualify for this new age, write for our 96-page, full-color booklet The Wonderful World Tomorrow - What It Will Be Like, and your subscription to TOMORROW'S WORLD a magazine of Biblical understanding published under the supervision of the Graduate School of Theology of Ambassador College. This literature is sent free as a service in the public interest.

Publication Date: 1970
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