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What happened to the dead man the Israelites threw into Elisha's tomb?
He came to life and stood up on his feet.

II Kings 13:21
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Conquering Drug Abuse
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Conquering Drug Abuse

In this special report we unveil the real causes - the solution - to one of the most harmful social and health crises facing the world today! It's time we understood why - and found the way out of the greatest social plague besetting this supposedly enlightened 20th century! Each year more millions slide down the slippery slope of alcohol and drug abuse into addiction, illness, crime and death. Cocaine, heroin, alcohol and other drugs have swept through almost every major society like a brushfire. Developing and developed nations alike are plagued with drug problems - both ancient and modern. A Close Look at the U.S. Illicit drug use in the United States remains at a level exceeding any nation in the western industrialized world. The children and adults of today are not living the same social experience as those of a generation ago. According to the U.S. Public Health Service, twenty years ago less than 2 percent of the nation's young people had tried an illicit drug. Today about two-thirds have tried an illegal drug before they graduate from high school - over a 3,000 percent increase.

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