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How many spies were sent by Moses to investigate Canaan?

Numbers 13
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Keys To Understanding Bible Prophecy
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Keys To Understanding Bible Prophecy

Christ The Revelator: Millions are aware of the redemptive role of Christ. They know that Jesus died to reconcile man to God. But how many realize that their very Savior predicted today's chaotic world conditions in advance and foretold the outcome of it all? Keys to Understanding Prophetic Terminology: The major events that will make tomorrow's news headlines are already prerecorded in your Bible. Yet so few seem to understand these vital prophetic passages. To millions, that third of the Bible that is prophecy is a sealed book. Yet, never has it been more necessary to understand prophecy. Here are some keys that will help you unlock prophetic meanings. What is the "End of the World"?: Does the biblical expression "the end of the world" mean the end of the existence of this physical planet?

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