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What is the meaning of Alpha and Omega?
Beginning and ending, first and last.

Revelation 1:8, Revelation 1:11
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Where Are We Now In Prophecy?
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Where Are We Now In Prophecy?

The difficulties mankind now faces are simply more than any human being can properly handle, because this world of ours has progressed too rapidly in the wrong direction! "Oh, I wouldn't say that!" many will exclaim. No, people don't want to believe it! They seem to prefer to deceive themselves with wishful thinking. But therein lies the danger! Most men are afraid to face the facts! But these are facts nonetheless. The development of engines of mass destruction has far outpaced the development of man's power to control them. Man has built the awesome Frankenstein monster that threatens to destroy him. Man has reached that stage of development and "progress" where he is utterly unable to save himself! These relentless forces now set in motion would continue until the fear so frankly expressed by top scientists of the blasting of human life completely out of existence would become a reality, if it was not for one thing - the intervention of almighty God to save us from ourselves!

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