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The Middle East in Prophecy
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The Middle East in Prophecy

What events lie in store for the much-troubled Middle East region? Bible prophecy reveals the answers! The problems confronting the world in the Middle East will trigger a sequence of events so staggering as to shake the very foundations of today's civilization! The Middle East has been a troubled region throughout history. Since earliest antiquity, it has been a focus of conflict and confrontation. Invaders without number have swept across its sands, leaving a grim legacy of death and destruction. Today, the region is again an area of vital concern to nations around the globe. It is widely recognized as "the most likely flashpoint for World War III. The continuing arms build up in the Mideast region is far and away outdistancing the search for peace. As weapons continue to pour in, the potential destructiveness of a future Mideast war is being raised to unparalleled new heights.

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