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Some Fishy Stories — ...About an Unproved Theory
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Some Fishy Stories — ...About an Unproved Theory

The BIGGEST false doctrine today is EVOLULON. Evolution is a FAITH - an almost religious - like BELIEF IN SOMETHING NOT SEEN - not proved! There is something decidedly "fishy" about evolution. Evolutionists have an impossible task explaining how fish evolved. Read, in this booklet, about some of the strongest fish known to man and why evolutionists avoid the "reel" truth. AT THE MOMENT, we have to confess that our ignorance of the actual creation is more or less complete." Shocking words? No - quite commonplace among astronomers. The quotation came as a summary of the views of Drs. John Shakeshaft and Peter Scheuer of the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory, Cambridge, England. The astronomers were being interviewed over BBC. Under discussion were current theories of the origin of the universe. The astronomers showed how one more of their theories was recently found inadequate - that of the "steady-state," or "continuous creation" theory which had caused so much discussion.

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Publication Date: 1969
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