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What happened to Ananias and Sapphira as a result of their sin?
They fell down dead.

Acts 5
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Our Awesome Universe
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Our Awesome Universe

Where did the matter of the universe come from? Did it appear in some mysterious way? Has the universe always existed? Is the universe infinite? Astronomers do not know the basic answers of WHY this universe exists - WHERE the laws governing it came from. But there is a missing key that unlocks the answer to these age-old puzzles. WHEN you look up into the starry heavens on a clear night you can see thousands of stars. Where did those stars come from? Why are they in existence? WHO or WHAT regulates those stars - and the entire universe? The universe is an AWESOME entity. Most astronomers accept what is thought to be a proven observation - that the universe is expanding. When one realizes the sizes of stars - the cosmic distances astronomers have measured, it's frankly bewildering to the human mind.

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Publication Date: 1969
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