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What musical instrument did David play for King Saul?

I Samuel 16:23
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Is God Real To You?
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Is God Real To You?

I WONDER if you are like the person who said to me: "I believe in God, but it seems like God is so far off - so unreal!" Why is it that so many people feel this way? Why does God seem so remote from their day-to-day lives? The answer is bound up in two factors: the unreality of God to the average person, and the actual source of one's religion. Let's understand this mystery! What is the Source of Your Religion? What is religion, anyway? Religion is the obedience, service, or adoration rendered to the object of one's worship - a system of faith and devotion to a superior authority - the profession, practice or observance of whatever belief and practice is required by that superior authority.

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Publication Date: 1974
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