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What did the disciples use to anoint sick people?

Mark 6:13
Satan And His Demons Have No Power Over You
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More and more frequently it seems Satan and even demons are a common subject of conversation in society, not in the Church of God, we don't talk much about those things, but society does more and more and they discuss it because it seems that a lot of people are realizing now, there is something a little bit unsettling, rather sinister and sort of sick and very, very evil is happening out there and people are concerned. I think it ended about 1970, the so-called beat generation, they began to talk about the Age of Aquarius and they had a meaning for that, and age of magical things and what-have-you and the interest in the Occult began to sky-rocket, Satan worship became a subject of conversation in many, many locations...

Transcript of this Sermon coming.